• 30 MAY 05
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    A message from Electrosensitivity UK



    The new(ish) Health Protection Agency,HPA, which we
    understand is subsuming the old National Radiological
    Protection Board, NRPB, under its grander umbrella as
    the Radiological Protection Division, RPD, is soon
    releasing, wait for it, as the HPA/RPD, a report.

    This is definitely one to watch, of considerable
    importance to us and anyone who doubts EHS is real. Dr
    Neil Irvine, a Belfast epidemiologist (researcher into
    diseases in populations, like epidemics) has been
    working since 2003 and we have every expectation that
    even in the low numbers anticipated evidence
    confirming what we already know will be scientifically

    In the long run such official acknowledgement is of
    the greatest significance as it open the door to it
    becoming required knowledge for physicians, health &
    safety, employers and all responsible sectors. This
    includes the industry producing these toxins and
    exposing us sensitives to them without safety tests or
    due care. Publication/release is anticipated in
    June/July, big things happen slowly usually.

    How slow is a tsunami?

    Reason we ask is a letter from Lloyd Morgan of the
    Brain Tumour Registry in California now buzzing around
    the web.There they collate statistics of occurrence of
    brain tumours, correct us if we’re wrong but in
    everyday language this is cancer of the brain to most
    people, cells replicate and multiply in a misbehaving
    way, pathologically. These figures of diagnosis are
    collected from what used to be about eight states in
    the USA, more now as it has become a federal
    requirement that they be supplied. Lloyd is so
    concerned by evidence from the Karolinska Institute
    Sweden, known as the Hardell and Hansson-Mild study,
    which for the first time includes risks by age-group
    he says:

    “I fear, but hope that I am wrong, that we are at an
    historical moment, watching the tide recede prior to a
    health emergency tsunami that is poised to drown us in
    in future health tradegies of unknown dimensions”

    Not language one normally associates with
    statisticians, seems like an incline on a graph
    somewhere is positing going through the roof in a
    pretty spectacular fashion. Could be that young people
    were asked how much time they spent on mobiles and
    correlations were made with brain tumours. Could be
    that microwave radiological effects on the blood brain
    barrier allowing toxins entry to the brain are now
    seriously linked. Could be that electrosensitive
    reactions like headaches are indeed warnings of
    exposure to health risks like burning your fingers on
    a flame. Could be we none of us are ill but have
    lively alert bodies we are in tune with and aware of.

    Now that is a lot of ‘coulds’ to lay out in a line
    ain’t it. So draw your own conclusions by following
    the science, just

    click here oh, and have adobe acrobat ready, its in

    So how fast is a tsunami? The longer the outpull of
    the tide receding the more the mountain is building
    unseen, the slower seems to equal the bigger. We are
    still talking small percentages we assume, but all the
    more reason to dissuade youngsters from their mobiles,
    a hopeless task.

    “Don’t be chatty, make it snappy, or be zapped”

    is our best effort.

    Anyway it has helped us to clarify our efforts here at
    ES-UK. Over the next year or three we are bringing all
    we are learning together in a book, from personal
    stories and case histories to scientific theories and
    the unfolding of this latest crazy human
    self-inflicted wound, even as it happens, as ‘EHS, A
    Health Tsunami’.

    You are the first to know, all assistance gratefully
    received, especially financial.

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