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    According to a new “study”, Mothers now prefer handing over smartphones rather than dummies to comfort crying babies‏

    It seems that the smart phone retailer Asda, perhaps not satisfied with the take up of smart phones, has commissioned a PR survey that has conveniently found that smart phones for babies are fast replacing dummies for comfort. For more on David Fletcher, Asda’s mobile phone expert mentioned in the below article see: http://www.phonesreview.co.uk/2012/06/15/motorola-razr-xt910-now-at-asda-with-price-undercut/

    Watch for Asda soon selling a new range of smart phones specifically designed for toddlers, why not even incorporate an external antenna shaped like a dummy (perhaps even flavoured) so that the unfortunate baby can happily suck on it as well? What a great way to further increase childhood brain tumour incidence. Of course Asda does not mention that these new Hi-Tec dummies are emitting microwaves that have been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a possible human carcinogen – the same class as DDT. How many new moms would like to sprinkle that on their babies?

    Now this bullshit is being circulated internationally as research. Why? Perhaps to encourage more parents to introduce their newborns to smart phones as a comforter so that they will be hooked for life. I don’t think even smack dealers would sink this low……

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    Mothers now prefer handing over smartphones rather than dummies to comfort crying babies”

    By Martha De Lacey

    PUBLISHED: 12:31 GMT, 19 June 2012

    When faced with a troublesome child, parents have traditionally turned to a toy or a dummy for help in restoring the peace. But, in a sign of the times, they are increasingly reaching for a rather more high-tech solution . . . a smartphone. More than one in four mothers admits to handing over a phone to a crying or bored tot when they need entertaining, research has found.

    And it is more common than shoving a dummy in their mouth or giving them a soft toy or even a bottle in these high tech times. A range of apps for youngsters, including games, puzzles and educational programmes, means smartphones are now a parent”s best friend, said Asda.

    The study found 27 per cent of mothers give their phones to their children to keep them entertained. And although 40 per cent of these restrict playtime to no longer than ten minutes, 10 per cent admitted leaving their children to play with their mobile for anything up to two hours.

    The poll of 1,650 mums found 25 per cent stick to a bottle of milk or other drink as the main way of keeping their child entertained.
    ‘Oh look, he’s got his father’s smartphone’

    One in five (21 per cent) resort to a favourite soft toy and only nine per cent use a dummy as a pacifier. Mother of two Louise Pearson of Bishop”s Stortford, Herts, said: ‘My phone is the boys” favourite toy, sometimes the only way to keep them quiet is to hand it over. ‘I have a range of apps on it for them to play with from puzzles and games to educational programmes.’

    Mothers in Scotland are most likely to use their smartphone as a child”s pacifier – 40 per cent of mums north of the border do it, said Asda. David Fletcher, Asda”s mobile phone expert said: ‘No longer are mobile phones just a device for keeping in touch. ‘To see them also used as an “electronic pacifier” is no surprise with the large variety of games and entertainment now available to download for children.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2161533/Mothers-prefer-smartphones-dummies-comfort-crying-babies.html#ixzz1yTGP9Kql

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