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    Press release: Are Victorians being misled with the smart meter “mandate”?

    From Stop Smart Meters Australia

    Media release 22nd February 2012 “” Are Victorians being misled with the smart meter “mandate”?

    Posted on February 22, 2012

    This media release has just gone to 63 newspapers in Victoria & 3AW –
    we suggest you contact your local papers and media through letters to
    editor etc.

    Are Victorians being misled with the smart meter “mandate”?

    Victorians are continually being informed that it is mandatory to
    accept the installation of smart meters; that by refusing installation
    one is breaking the law.

    Stop Smart Meters Australia members have received written notification
    that the alleged mandate for compulsory installation is based on an
    Order of Council that does not pertain to electricity consumers “” it
    is a directive to power distributors. Victorian Government Gazette
    S200, dated 28th August 2007, Para 14.1, states; “Each distributor
    must use its best endeavours to install a remotely read interval

    Ms Di Bell, spokesperson for Stop Smart Meters Australia, said “The
    Order in Council does not state that a customer has to accept a smart
    meter. Therefore, the question arises, if residents have totally
    refused to have a smart meter installed, have the power distributors
    used their “best endeavours” and that”s the end of it? Or do they
    purport to have the right to use bullying tactics to force

    According to this Order in Council, it is clear that there is no
    legislative provision that imposes smart meters on customers.
    Therefore, there is no lawful obligation for consumers to accept the
    installation of smart meters.

    “If this is the case, then any customer who has had a smart meter
    installed against their will, and been provided with misleading
    information, must surely have the right to demand its removal” says Ms

    www.stopsmartmeters.com.au has comments from average Australians with
    real concerns with the installation of smart meters in Victoria.

    Please release this to all Victorians through your media, they deserve to know.

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