• 17 MAY 10
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    #1251: Interphone’s data on cell phones and cancer: The spin begins

    From Science News:

    Reports offer heavy clues to findings, although data remain formally embargoed a while longer
    By Janet Raloff
    Web edition : Sunday, May 16th, 2010
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    A May 16 news release by the cell phone industry reports that “The International Journal of Epidemiology today published a combined data analysis from a multi national population-based case-control study of glioma and meningioma, the most common types of brain tumour.” In fact, the journal hasn”t. Yet. But the industry group was anxious to put its spin on the paper”s findings after a handful of UK newspapers reported on this Interphone study “” well in advance of the scheduled lifting of a news embargo on its data.

    The news release identifies as its source the Mobile Manufacturers Forum, an association of telecommunications equipment manufacturers “with an interest in mobile or wireless communications.” This group provided some funds to the International Union Against Cancer, a nongovernmental cancer-prevention and “”control group, to help finance IUAC”s share of support for the Interphone project.

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