Independent information on the possible health and safety issues arising from human exposure to electromagnetic energy.

Consultation Services

  • Architects and builders

    How to reduce or eliminate excessive EMF areas during the preliminary design phase.

  • Homeowners

    How to identify and eliminate excessive EMFs in the home.

  • Medical practitioners

    If you suspect EMF exposure may be a factor in your patient’s ill health (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

  • Wireless Technology

    Advice on how to reduce microwave exposure from mobile phones, Wi-Fi and other wireless technology.

  • Inside air quality

    Advice on chemical and mould exposure in buildings including electrical equipment VOCs.

  • Workplace OH&S

    How to identify and eliminate or reduce EMF in the workplace

From the Blog

  • City of Sydney’s submission to the government’s 5G inquiry: Sacrifice trees for network performance and overwhelming numbers of small cells…

    In stark contrast  to the ACEBR/Vodafone/Telstra submissions (see last message) the city of Sydney has expressed very valid concerns over the introduction of 5G in the city. To quote in part from submission #310 from Sydney: “We know, for example that 5G millimetre wave radio spectrum is adversely affected by trees and that other physical assets and this adds a critical reason to collaboratively decide on cell heights and locations. We will not be willing to sacrifice trees in favour of network performance. Similarly, we need to consider the aesthetic and physical impacts of a potentially large volume of physical infrastructure which is located based on network performance only. We must find sustainable ways to advance the use of technology and we can do this only if we are an active part of the decision-making process within our city”…SNIP

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  • Lies, Damn Lies and the Australian 5G inquiry

    Following on from the last message on the Australian 5G inquiry here are some submission quotes which clearly illustrate a willful maintenance of a state of scientific ignorance and outright lies, based on Procrustean Approach principles. The first is from  ACEBR and then from Vodafone. SNIP….

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  • Recent 5G information resources

    1) On 13 September 2019 the Australian Minister for Communications, Hon Paul Fletcher MP asked the Committee to inquire into and report on the deployment, adoption and application of 5G in Australia. At the end of the time for submissions, Nov. 1, 2019, 172 submissions  had been received and all are available on their website:

    2) The UK EM Radiation Research Trust held an International conference in London on 28th September, 2019 with doctors and scientific experts from around the world discussing the facts regarding 5G.  The presentations are available to download on the Radiation Research Trust website:

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  • DigiKids: A special report by ABC’s Four Corners program on how the digital age affects children and their learning

    Excerpt from the ABC Four Corners page: Why too many young Australians are struggling with literacy in the digital age.“You see kids fall through the cracks. You see things get worse. And it’s really difficult as a teacher because you want to help everybody.” There’s no more precious resource in Australia than our children. Equipping them with the reading and writing skills to face the future is vital, not only for their own success but for the nation’s prosperity.“Literacy now is more important than ever. If you go back 50 years…if you didn’t have literacy and numeracy levels, you could still get a job. You could still support a family with that job….That era has now gone.” Alarmingly, a number of test results and international benchmarks indicate some of our children are slipping behind in the key area of literacy. “Vocabulary has definitely decreased, and spelling is quite atrocious – small, simple words are really misspelt.”  On Monday, Four Corners examines the way reading and writing is being taught in our schools to find out what is going wrong.“We have a situation now where schools basically get to choose their own adventure with respect to how they go about the important business, life-changing business, of teaching children how to read.”  Academic Teachers say they’re seeing children struggle with the study of English well beyond the first year of school.”Writing’s a real worry. The results have been steadily getting worse – both for boys and for girls – boys are much worse than girls. But the average student is working about 12 months below where they used to be a decade earlier.”  SNIP

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  • Leszczynski: Lecture Tour of New Zealand

    Excerpt: Posted on November 6, 2019. The ongoing deployment of the 5th generation of the wireless communication technology (5G) is being met with a great enthusiasm by the telecommunication industry and national governments and the majority of the general public. However, there is also resistance from the part of the population in various locations around the globe. The opposition towards deployment of the 5G is caused by the uncertainty whether radiation emitted by the 5G networks and devices will have any effects on human health and environmental impact on fauna and flora. This November, I will be lecturing for the first time in New Zealand. In my lectures I will present the current scientific knowledge as well as the current lack of scientific research on the biological and health effects of the 5G millimeter-waves. I will also present the evidence, and the reasoning, for the invocation of the Precautionary Principle and for the temporary moratorium on 5G deployment, while awaiting for the much needed scientific research on millimeter-waves…SNIP

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