Health issues related to electromagnetic radiation exposure and chemical exposure

Microsoft Canada’s former president compares wireless to tobacco, urges one million Canadians to demand stricter safety standards

Sent in by Martin Weatherall & André Fauteux

From Frank Clegg, former president of Microsoft Canada:

Introducing C4ST

Citizens For Safe Technology

As many of you are aware, I have been investing my time understanding the potential health effects associated with electromagnetic radiation. Issues such as emissions from cell towers, Wi-Fi in schools and smart meters. I have spoken to several experts, read numerous studies, attended presentations by Health Canada and Industry Canada and become involved in situations in Oakville, Grand Bend, Barrie and Uxbridge. I have concluded that Health Canada’s methods are out of date and safety limits are too weak to protect Canadians. China has limits that are 100 times stricter than ours. I worry we have a situation comparable to tobacco where Health Canada will be many years too late to take the appropriate action.
I have signed on to lead and build a national organization to raise public awareness of this issue. Our objective is to convince Industry Canada and Health Canada to change the process of distributing this technology and update their safety standards to acceptable levels. Please open the attached document to learn about this new national organization, C4ST – Citizens For Safe Technology. Join us in our goal of reaching 1 million Canadians to influence Industry Canada and Health Canada and help insure the health of all Canadians….

Frank Clegg

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  1. Michael Shelfer
    Posted November 19, 2012 at 8:30 am | Permalink

    Having lost my beloved Wife Donna to a combination of low level EMF and a WIFI sydtem I set up in our business I totally concur with you.
    I am just a lay researcher here in Australia seeking answers as to why Donna got a Glioblastoma Tumor having been told by Medical staff that this disease is partly due to Genetics plus an enviromental trigger.
    I have written to our stae Government seeking justice for her and attemting to alert the Government to old and long out dated heaith and safety laws……….my concerns fall on deaf ears!!

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