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    Excellent New Zealand TV3 documentary: “Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?”

    On June 3, 2011, I mentioned on this blog the Inside New Zealand TV3 documentary, titled “Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?”.

    What I particularly like about this documentary, besides the excellent commentary from a wide range of people directly involved in the controversy, is that it achieves a balanced approach to the issue. It gives ample time for the telcom industry”s viewpoint. This was given mainly by Dr. David Black, independent / industry spokesperson, president-elect of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, advisor to ICNIRP, and expert witness on most things.

    It is in this documentary where Dr. Black famously admitted that “the industry do frequently employ me probably because they like what I”m going to say”. As well as other quotes by him such as “I see no good reason to limit children’s use of a cell phone”. At a recent public meeting in Hobart, Tasmanian where a short clip of “Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?” was aired there was a palpable reaction to Blacks comments in the clip.

    The documentary also gives ample time to the view that there are real biological and adverse health effects from our exposure to electro-magnetic radiation.

    To quote in part from the website:

    “ What is happening in New Zealand is part of a global phenomenon. Worldwide, we are being exposed to increasing amounts of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) from a growing number of sources, such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, and cell phone masts. Like most government health authorities throughout the world, New Zealand”s Ministry of Health insists that there are no potential health risks and that citizens are protected by current safety standards.”

    “However many scientists and health professionals are now warning that our long term exposure to EMR at levels well below the existing safety standards could result in a global public health crisis – a crisis because we are all exposed.”

    “This documentary features compelling interviews with international and New Zealand scientists and experts, health professionals, concerned citizens and people who claim that everyday exposure to electro-magnetic radiation is making them sick. “Is Your Cell Phone Killing You”? critically examines one of the most important scientific debates of the 21st century.”

    Highly Recommended!

    The website for the documentary is now online at: www.isyourcellphonekillingyou.com

    Also see the facebook page at:

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