Health issues related to electromagnetic radiation exposure and chemical exposure

  • EMFacts Consultancy, founded in 1994 by Don Maisch, has produced a wide range of reports and papers dealing with various health issues related to human exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation.

    This website was established in 1997 as an independent source of information on the possible health and safety issues arising from human exposure to Electromagnetic Energy (EME).

    This consists of both 50 and 60 Hertz (Hz) Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from our use of electricity and Radio-frequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from telecommunications.

    This site is designed to be utilized as a resource by individuals, groups, organisations and communities who are trying to empower themselves by gaining a better understanding of the complex issues involved with this important environmental issue.

    EMFacts Consultancy also offers a range of advisory services.
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Recommended Australian website

I just had a look at the redesigned EMR Aware website from Byron area, in New South Wales, Australia. An excellent resource for Australians concerned about the unintended consequences of wireless technologies.

This website is published by EMR Aware, a not-for-profit community association based in Byron Shire on the Northcoast of NSW Australia. We offer technical support to residents and government agencies in our vicinity, and worldwide, regarding the health, social and environmental impacts of technologies that subject users to electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

We are not anti-technology or anti-corporation. Our premise is simply this. In instances where products or services carry a documented risk consumers have a right to know the benefits vs. potential negative impacts. This enables both a change in habits, and motivation to demand safer products or legislation where appropriate.

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Does Christopher Portier have a massive conflict of interest when it comes to smart meters?

If ever there is a need for a precautionary principle for RF technology it would have to be for the massive global roll-out for smart meter technology.

In the last posting “Dr. Christopher Porter, Fmr. Director of the US CDC, calls for invoking the Precautionary Principle for RF-EMF” it seems that there might be a bit of spin in Porter’s support for a PC for wireless technology. It now appears that Porter’s call does not include health hazards from smart meter RF emissions because of his involvement in an astroturf organisation actively promoting the roll-out of smart meters.


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Dr. Christopher Portier, Fmr. Director of the US CDC, calls for invoking the Precautionary Principle for RF-EMF

From Dariusz Leszczynski’s blog:


Recently, the draft program of the forthcoming BioEM2015 was published. One of the most important opinions, presented in the program, is that on the Precautionary Principle by Dr. Christopher Portier.

I fully agree with Chris’ opinion as presented in abstract of his forthcoming talk [bold red text by DL]:


The Precautionary Principle Should be Invoked for RF-EMF

Christopher Portier; Research Consultant, Thun, Switzerland

Biographical sketch

Dr. Portier is an expert in the design, analysis, and interpretation of environmental health data and has contributed to the development of national and international risk assessment guidelines. He has directed or contributed significantly to numerous scientific reviews including those for dioxins, aflatoxins, electromagnetic fields, diesel particle emissions and climate change. Dr. Portier has served on US NAS committees, has served on USEPA’s Science Advisory Board and USEPA’s Science Advisory Panel, and numerous other scientific committees. He has received numerous awards including the Spiegelman Award from the APHA and the Outstanding Practitioner of the Year Award from the International Society for Risk Analysis. Until 2013, Dr. Portier was the Director of the US National Center for Environmental Health and the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Prior to CDC, Dr. Portier was the NIEHS Associate Director and Associate Director of the National Toxicology Program and has over 250 scientific publications.

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Public submissions from Tasmania’s draft energy strategy are now available online

Notice from Stop Smart Meters Australia:

Public submissions from Tasmania’s draft energy strategy are now available online
Posted on April 6, 2015 by Stop Smart Meters Australia

Submissions from the public on Tasmania’s draft energy strategy paper titled ‘Restoring Tasmania’s Energy Advantage’ are available for viewing online.
The majority of respondents raised concern regarding Tasmania’s vision, which includes ‘accommodating new technologies (such as smart meters), to ensure that the interests of Tasmanian customers are advanced.’ Stop Smart Meters Australia’s submission is listed as ‘SSMA’.

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ICNIRP continues with its Procrustean Approach…keep it on thermal effects only and ignore the rest

The charade continues….
ICNIRP/WHO Workshop “A closer look at the thresholds of thermal damage”, 26-28 May 2015

Scope: In view of updating the guidance on limiting exposure to high frequency (HF) fields, ICNIRP will review the current scientific knowledge on the thresholds of thermal damage. The current workshop will revisit the ICNIRP 1998 concept, namely that the health relevant increase of body core temperature is approximately 1° C and a whole-body exposure with an average SAR of 4 W/kg result in a core temperature increase of less than 1°C within 30 min. Details of this concept as well as thresholds for partial/local body exposures are subjects to review. SNIP

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    "Listen to both sides and you will be enlightened; heed only one side and you will be blinded. We are facing a big knowledge gap in evaluating EMF health risk at this stage. This is the reason why there is no satisfactory and generally acceptable EMF standard around the world. I think an international EMF exposure standard might only be established on the principle of science and democracy, on the principle of mutual understanding and to reach unanimity through consultation." - Opening remarks by Professor Huai Chiang at the 3rd International EMF Seminar in China, 13-17 October 2003.

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