• 05 DEC 14

    Baby monitor health warning: Devices may emit harmful radiation but Rodney Croft is confident….

    Like the best of one of Dynamo’s magic tricks, Rodney Croft from ACEBR, etc., manages to conjure up an illusion of confidence that there are no health effects whatsoever from modern telecommunications technology. If nothing else, his consistency of denial is truly amazing……..


    From the Herald Sun by Chad Van Estrop, December 04, 2014

    Baby monitor health warning: Devices may emit harmful radiation

    THEY’VE been a saviour for many parents, but there are concerns wireless baby monitors could be dangerous. Brisbane-based author and researcher Donna Fisher called for a ban on the baby monitors, worried the radiation they emit could be harmful to children. Ms Fisher drew on a World Health Organisation ruling that radiation emitted from the monitors was “possibly carcinogenic”. Ms Fisher also said the radiation from the devices had the potential to cause reproductive problems, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders and other health problems. But the director of the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research, Rodney Croft, said the WHO classification was ambiguous due to conflicting research.

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    • 01 DEC 14

    Smart Meters and EMF… before you shop

    A message from Patricia Burke:

    Two valuable resources, please share widely, especially before purchasing wireless devices for the holidays:

    This video from the UK is recommended for all parents, teachers, health care providers, and anyone interested in the emerging health data regarding RF from the perspective of a respected physician:

    Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe – Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNFdZVeXw7M

    This video from New Zealand shows a building biologist giving a lecture to 3rd year sociology students at Auckland University

    1 of 2 Electro Pollution Explained to Sociology Students, Presented by Paul Waddell

    If you would like to help host the documentary film “Microwaves, Science, and Lies” in your community, please contact patricia999burke@gmail.com. We have obtained several copies from the producer in Europe, narrated in English. More info:

    When business leads research, can we still trust science?

    In Gratitude.
    Thank you for all you do for the effort to establish biologically based RF exposure limits.

    Patricia Burke

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    • 22 NOV 14

    Viewpoints on the question: Are Microwaves from Mobiles and WiFi Harming Our Children?

    From Sue McCully:

    Four UK experts on EMF/EMR and heath effects in humans, including 2 medical doctors, answered the question: Are Microwaves from Mobiles and WiFi Harming Our Children?

    Location and date: Great Hadham Country Club 1st October 2014

    Each presentation is approximately 30 minutes long i.e. elegantly condensed and focused bites of vital information that we all need to learn about before it really is too late.

    1) Wireless Technology Radiation – Alisdair Philips

    2) Electro Hyper Sensitivity – Dr Elizabeth Evans

    3) EM Radiation and Health for Children – Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe

    4) Common Myths About Wireless Radiation Safety Exposed – Mike Mitcham

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    • 21 OCT 14

    Experts: Why wearable tech could pose health risks

    From Joel Moskowitz PhD

    Brooke Crothers, Fox News, Oct 20, 2014


    Wearables have arrived. But some doctors and scientists say the latest must-have technology may pose serious health risks to the people wearing them. Internet-connected glasses, smart watches and health monitoring gadgets put wireless technology right on the body, increasing exposure to radio waves among consumers who are already carrying wireless smartphones, tablets and laptops. Make no mistake … Wearables like Google Glass, Samsung Gear Live and the upcoming Apple Watch are a growing tech category. Wearable smart device shipments will more than quadruple globally by 2017, reaching 116 million units, compared to an estimated 27 million this year, according to a September reportfrom Juniper Research, a U.K-based market research firm that specializes in wireless technology.


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    • 12 OCT 14

    Report of Students bleeding from the ears and nose after wi-fi installed.

    From the Fullerton Informer


    LAUSD WiFi systems “Students were bleeding from the ears and nose and no incident reports were allowed by the school.” states the teacher who required medical intervention.

    In the Fall of 2014, LAUSD, the second largest public school district in the US, officially accommodated teacher Ms. Anura Lawson by approving her request to have the Wi-Fi turned off in her classroom during the 2014-2015 school year and alternatively approving a reassignment to a different school site where Wi-Fi has yet to be installed. The Middle School teacher reported that she fell seriously ill after a wireless system upgrade in her school in Spring 2014. She described her cardiac symptoms during a May 28, LAUSD Common Core Tech Project meeting. Ms. Lawson also stated, “The students are having nosebleeds and the main offices are refusing to do incident reports. I have had two seventh grade students bleeding out of their ears.”

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    • 22 SEP 14

    Internationally-acclaimed biochemist calls for action against Smart Meters, WiFi in schools & baby monitors


    Prof. Martin Pall is the Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. He has been studying environmental medicine and chronic illnesses for nearly 15 years and has received eight international honours for his work. In this short presentation, Prof. Pall lays to rest the misconception that non-ionising radiation needs to cause heating to cause biological damage – by explaining that pathological mechanisms for wireless harm begin with Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel (VGCC) activation at non-thermal levels. He concludes by calling for Wi-Fi in schools, Smart Meters and wireless baby monitors to be “abolished”.

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    • 13 SEP 14

    Legal and Public Health Problems of the Wireless Age

    Consumer Law & Policy Blog
    Monday, September 08, 2014
    Legal and Public Health Problems of the Wireless Age

    Guest post by Deborah Kopald

    [Deborah Kopald (BA, Harvard; MBA, MIT Sloan School of Management) is an environmental health and public policy consultant and author who has developed and overseen the passage of legislative initiatives and has served as a guest expert at various media outlets. In 2013, she organized and moderated The Conference on Corporate Interference with Science and Health in New York City. The conference proceedings were published in Reviews on Environmental Health.]


    The use of Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies has created problems. “An Open Letter to Phillips Exeter Academy about Wi-Fi”, which I wrote to my alma mater, details the public health problem Wi-Fi has created and some legal ramifications of its use.
    The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) in conjunction with the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (the United States Access Board) put out a report in 2005 that stated that for a building to be accessible, Wi-Fi should be avoided in favor of fiber optic connectivity; if used, Wi-Fi was to be confined by foil-backed drywall or equivalent barrier.

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    • 12 SEP 14

    Critique of National Association for Independent Schools Statement re. Safety of WiFi in Schools

    From Camilla Rees

    Critique of National Association for Independent Schools Statement

    08.09.2014 by emily Category Electromagnetic Health Blog

    A Critique of the National Association of Independent School’s One Page Statement, “Non-Ionizing Radiation: Literature Review” (June 2014) Regarding the Potential for Biological and Health Effects to Children from Wireless Radiation Transmitters (WiFi) in Schools

    In June 2014, a statement was issued by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) in Washington, D.C. which was clearly intended to reassure schools about the safety of WiFi. However, NAIS did not mention that several governments around the world are recommending limiting wireless radiation exposure to children, and banning WiFi in schools, or that teachers unions representing hundreds of thousands of teachers are questioning the safety of WiFi, and recommending schools be hard-wired.


    A professional comprehensive review of the peer-reviewed literature would paint an entirely different picture of the risks to children from wireless technologies than this 1-page NAIS statement conveys, and importantly, would illuminate Radio-Frequency Radiation’s effects on critical physiological functioning necessary for children’s successful performance in school.


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    • 09 SEP 14

    US Air Force RF review in 1988 acknowledges non-thermal biological effects

    From Joel Moskowitz

    Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards: A Review

    Scott M. Bolen. Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards: A Review. Rome Laboratory. Air Force Material Command. Griffiss Air Force Base, NY. June, 1988.


    The study of human exposure to radiofrequency/microwave radiation has been the subject of widespread investigation and analysis. It is known that electromagnetic radiation has a biological effect on human tissue. An attempt has been made by researchers to quantify the effects of radiation on the human body and to set guidelines for safe exposure levels. A review of the pertinent findings is presented along with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recommended safety standard (C95.1-1982) and the United States Air Force permissible exposure limit for RF/MW radiation (AFOSH Standard 161-9, 12 February 1987). An overview of research that was conducted in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe is also included in this report.
    In selecting a measure for the dose of RF/MW radiation, it was recognized that the SAR does not encompass all of the important factors necessary to determine safe exposure levels. The modulation frequency and peak power of the incident EM field should also be considered. Some of the investigators warned that extra care should be taken by persons that are subjected to pulsed EM fields or by fields that are modulated near the whole-body resonance frequency

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    • 25 AUG 14

    Boil the Frog Slowly with guest Cindy Sage – The BioInitiative Report


    (The FCC approves a $2 Billion program to place WiFi is U.S. schools)

    SpeakUpandStayAlive’s channel
    Published on Jul 24, 2014
    Cindy Sage, co-editor of the BioInitiative Report joins Sebastian and Pat to discuss the negative health effects of wireless technology. A no-nonsense discussion about a serious risk to your health.

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    • 11 AUG 14

    Hi-tech fears for young students

    LINDA SMITH, Mercury, August 09, 2014 12:00AM

    TASMANIAN children are spending so much time playing with smartphones and tablet computers that they are turning up to school with serious eye problems, an early childhood educator says. Kindergarten teacher Judi Rhodes has worked in Tasmanian schools for more than 30 years and said an increasing number of school-aged children were showing up to class without basic life skills and with health problems related to technology overuse. Studies have shown that too much screen time is detrimental to the mental and physical wellbeing of young children and Mrs Rhodes said this was obvious in classrooms.

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    • 31 JUL 14

    French Senate passes bill to add precautions to wireless networks and mobile phones

    From Aaron Leibovich


    The French senate has passed a bill in an attempt to introduce additional precautions for the use of wireless networks and mobile phones, such as, turning off wireless networks in primary schools when they are not in use and requiring new mobile phones to include specially designed hands-free kits for children.

    “This amendment takes into account the rights of parents to be informed when their children are exposed to electromagnetic fields. It also follows the principles of common sense in switching wireless networks off when they’re not in use,” Joël Labbé, Greens Senator for the department Morbihan in Western France, said.


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    • 22 JUL 14

    CIndy Sage on Google Glass

    A reporter for the LA Times chronicled her experience trying out Google Glass around San Francisco.
    It’s in the on-line version of the article under Pros and Cons. I posted a comment (see at bottom).
    Tissue heating is a sign that a device is producing excessive levels of radiofrequency/microwave radiation and the battery-switching function is producing high ELF-EMF. She reported a hotspot at the temple, although the antenna is located behind the ear.

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    • 17 JUL 14

    Comcast is Building Its Public WiFi Network from Inside Your House (message re-sent)

    From the US Besttechie website

    by Jeff Weisbein February 15, 2014


    Ever notice that xfinitywifi seems to appear on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop pretty much anywhere? Well, the reason for that is because in mid-2013 Comcast started turning customers’ Internet connections (home and business) into public WiFi hotspots that other Comcast customers can connect to, creating a massive network of hotspots across the U.S. The problem is customers have been surprised by the fact that the company is doing this and reactions to this “feature” have been mixed.

    There was a recent story in the St. Paul Pioneer Press which tells the tale of Comcast customer Ronaldo Boschulte who called the company to get his malfunctioning modem replaced with a new one, when the tech showed up the install it something happened he didn’t expect. Comcast’s cable modem doubles as a Wi-Fi router, which is useful for many people as it means don’t need additional hardware, but what Mr. Boschulte didn’t realize is that the router would, by default, broadcast a public Wi-Fi network that anyone with a Comcast account could connect to.

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    • 04 JUL 14

    Wi-Fi concerns aired on Channel 7’s Today Tonight program

    From Nicole Bijlsma:

    Here is the extended segment on Wi-Fi concerns in schools aired on Channel 7’s Today Tonight program on Tuesday 1st July. Consequently it is important to use hardwired, cabled options to obtain internet connectivity; use a corded phone whenever possible; turn off the Wi-fi option on the printer;

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    • 12 JUN 14

    Australian school cancel’s childs enrollment after father raises concerns about Wi-Fi

    From Amand Wells

    School cancels my sons enrolment after I raise concerns about Wi-Fi

    We moved to the Sunshine Coast back in March 2013, primarily so our son, Bodhi, could have a Montessori education, something which was not on offer in Northern NSW. We immediately applied to enrol at a local Montessori school and enjoyed a pre-enrolment process including interviews with teachers, playgroups and class observations that lasted 15 months. Everything was going along very well and we were given every indication that there would be a position for Bodhi at the school. This all changed last week. During our second interview at the school, I asked what were the school’s plans regarding Wi-Fi at the new campus which is currently under construction. I explained my field of work and that I had concerns about the safety of Wi-Fi in classrooms particularly for younger kids. I also offered to do a short presentation on the subject if they were interested. I was told to write an email the schools business manager which I did (see below)

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    • 05 JUN 14

    Wireless Communication and Precautionary Principle (Dariusz Leszczynski)

    From the blog of Dariusz Leszczynski, “Between A Rock And A Hard Place”:

    Today, the June/July 2014 issue of the Canadian ‘The Green Gazette’ published my article about the need for implementation of the Precautionary Principle in area of the wireless communication.

    NOTE: The story in ‘The Green Gazette’ is freely available from Dariusz Leszczynski’s site as well as a printable version of the article:


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    • 20 MAY 14

    Open letter about protecting children from microwave radiation

    From tac interconnections, a UK organisation Sharing information, helping build the knowledge base and promoting teamwork around babies, children, young people and adults with disabilities and special needs

    NCB & England’s children’s organisations – editor’s open letter to you about protecting children from microwave radiation

    My heart, head, and all my instincts, my education in science and my past experiences as teacher and parent of young children tell me that we should not subject children to microwave radiation unless for a very good medical reason. If we come to a point where radiation is an imperative, then it should be on the fewest possible occasions and for the shortest possible duration.

    Here is a thought experiment: Imagine it is 1993 and you work in the Department of Education or NCB[1] (National Children’s Bureau) or NSPCC or Mencap or Barnardos. I write to you to get your support for a new range of toys and learning aids that I have developed that, as a side-effect, subject children to electro-magnetic radiation while they are using them. You would have written back to me to say,

    ‘Dear Mr Limbrick, we are going to do everything in our power to stop you in your tracks. These gadgets of yours are highly dangerous. Irradiating children in this way while they play and learn seems likely to cause all sorts of problems. If you do not take these toys off the market immediately we will use all of our powers to put you out of business.’

    I chose 1993 for my thought experiment because that was the year that NCB published Children and the Environment[2] which mentioned health risks to children from radiation. As far as I am aware NCB has not published books on this subject since then.

    But toys and learning aids that irradiate children are very common now and have crept up on us by stealth. The present situation, in which the common sense I postulated for my thought experiment has not prevailed, is that babies sleep next to radiating baby alarms, toddlers play with radiating toys at their nursery and children of all ages are subject, without choice, to wi-fi radiation in their classrooms.


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    • 20 MAY 14

    Australia is about to get much hotter – and its not global warming….

    Telstra building a larger Wi-Fi network in Australia

    TELSTRA customers will share their home wi-fi in a plan to create one of the world’s largest networks of public hotspots. The telco will roll out special home broadband modems that perform their regular function but take any unused spectrum to create a public Wi-Fi hotspot for anybody nearby to use. It will also build more than 8000 dedicated Wi-Fi hotspots in at least 100 towns and cities, largely in areas with high foot traffic, such as cafe strips, shopping centres, and transport hubs. Unveiled on Tuesday, the plan is expected to create about two million hotspots across the country after it launches in early 2015. Anybody will be able to access the network for a small daily fee, though Telstra customers who opt-in to make their modem a hotspot will have free access, with the data being deducted from their home allowance.


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    • 30 APR 14

    Wireless technology: The dark side of convenience

    From Olle Johansson


    Fri. Apr. 18, 2014 by Ron Gordon

    Wireless Technology Warnings(NaturalHealth365) The ancient Romans became sickened by seemingly safe lead pipes bringing drinking water. Today, the story repeats with wireless. Something new is in the air. You can’t see it, hear it, smell it or feel it, but the cells in your body can. It’s called wireless technology. Are we slowly cooking humanity to death? Wireless fills the air around us with an invisible electrosmog of microwave radiation used for communication by devices like cell phones, mobile computers, and smart (utility) meters. The wireless age has revolutionized the way we live our lives – with smartphones tapping into our ancient human need to communicate and belong. Many of us have willingly succumbed to the addiction of these modern conveniences handed to us by government and industry… but how many of us have stopped to ask: is this safe? How does this stuff really work? Are we so desperately attached to our mobile devices that we no longer care to know the truth? Behind the lure of convenience there is something industry would rather we not know: people are getting sick from wireless; there is a trail of ignored studies going back to WW2 showing stark dangers; our industry skewed safety ‘guidelines’ are obsolete and largely deceptive; and there is no proof that this technology is safe.

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