• 13 JUL 05

    Mike Repacholi Changes His Tune?

    From Louis Slesin, Microwave News: According to a report from CTV, Canadian television, WHO’s Mike Repacholi is now saying that the World Health Organization is advising children to use hand-free set. If confirmed, this is a major reversal. Mike Repacholi has long said no children need not take any special precautions when using a mobile

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    • 12 JUL 05

    WHO study examines cellphone risks to kids

    Sent by Sylvie: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1121131876533_10/?hub=Health WHO study examines cellphone risks to kids CTV.ca News Staff While cellphones are increasingly popular among kids, some scientists worry the devices are a health risk to them. The World Health Organization is completing a massive study to see if there’s a link between cellphone use and brain cancer and other

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    • 11 JUL 05

    Cell phone scientists pressured to ‘soften” findings

    (Sent by Iris Atzmon) The Toronto Star July 10, 2005 Is her cellphone safe? Some scientists trying to find the answer say they’ve been pressured to soften controversial findings ROBERT CRIBB AND TYLER HAMILTON STAFF REPORTERS What you know about the potential health risks of your cellphone may be clouded by powerful corporate interests anxious

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    • 08 JUL 05

    New MW-dosimeter / Study on the Feasibility of Epidemiological Studies on Health Effects of Mobile Telephone Base Stations

    Following is a message of interest from Gerd Oberfeld MD: Dear Colleagues, For those who are interested in environmental epidemiology … a) new MW-dosimeter for GSM900/ GSM1800/DECT/UMTS/WLAN http://www.maschek.de/uk/frameset.php?p=produkte b) Study on the Feasibility of Epidemiological Studies on Health Effects of Mobile Telephone Base Stations – Final Report http://www.mobile-research.ethz.ch/var/pub_neubauer_pref14.pdf Please distribute this information to people you

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    • 07 JUL 05

    Disney targets kids for mobile phone service

    Whatever happened to all those expert warnings over children and mobile phone use? Who does the industry and Disney listen too? None other than Motorola and their spin doctors Swicord, Elder and Joyner who all have had a go at twisting science to the tune of their corporate masters. Recommended reading: “A Corporate Risk Assessment

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    • 25 JUN 05

    News on brain tumors and wireless phones

    Following is an article sent by Marne Glaser from the EMR Network, Chicago, USA on the latest breaking news from the telecom industry newspaper “RCR News” on yet another study from Sweden linking wireless phone radiation to brain tumors. For more information on wireless health research, contact: Marne Glaser EMR Network-Chicago 773 338 0248 Study

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    • 11 JUN 05

    FM broadcasting and malignant melanoma incidence

    The following is the abstract from a new paper by Professor Olle Johansson et al. Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, “FM broadcasting exposure time and malignant melanoma incidence”, Electromag Biol Med 2005; 24: 1-8 Object: To analyze the age-specific incidence of malignant melanoma in Sweden since 1958 in order to see if the reported general increase

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