• 22 JUL 05


    RACHEL’S ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH NEWS #822 http://www.rachel.org July 21, 2005 SCIENCE UNDER SEIGE By Tim Montague An ill wind is gusting through the halls of science these days: faked research, suppression of unwelcome results, corruption of science advisory panels, university research falling under the influence of corporate sponsors, and many other conflicts of interest. It’s

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    • 07 JUL 05

    Petition to remove Repacholi

    Iris Atzmon in Israel makes an interesting proposal below that should be taken seriously. As an example of the sort of action that could be taken for instance, the Union of Concerned Scientists has been circulating a petition for scientists to sign that calls for restoring scientific integrity in policymaking in the US as a

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    • 06 JUL 05

    Microwave News on Repacholi’s WHO spin

    From Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave News If you are wondering what Mike Repacholi has been up to at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) EMF project since he and Leeka Kheifets did a flip-flop on the precautionary princuple back in 2003, check out the agenda and the discussion document for the meeting which Mike is

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    • 04 MAY 05

    Swedish Cancer Foundation invests in Big Tobacco

    Olle Johansson from Sweden sends in a delightful Swedish article on how the Swedish Cancer Foundation has been caught out buying shares in the tobacco industry! I know the Swedes are clever but this is a stroke of genious. Invest in an industry that will help keep the customers coming through the Foundation door as

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    • 09 MAR 05

    Tobacco Science

    UCSF report says Philip Morris influenced scientific article Firm suggested to writer that link between SIDS, secondhand smoke be downplayed – Alex Barnum, Chronicle Staff Writer Monday, March 7, 2005 Researchers at UCSF reviewing once-secret industry documents have detailed an elaborate effort by a leading tobacco company to raise doubts among doctors and public health

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