• 22 MAR 07

    #683: The rise of technology addiction

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/6411495.stm The rise of technology addiction The Blackberry mobile device allows users to send e-mails The seemingly exponential growth of portable technology has sparked fears that people are becoming addicted or swamped by gadgets and their uses. One major consequence of this phenomenon is that the line between work and private life is much more

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    • 18 MAR 07

    #680:Paediatricians warn against mobile phones

    From Sylvie: http://www.001.be.cx/ Paediatricians warn against mobile phones Tue 13/03/07 – A group of Flemish paediatricians has started a campaign to stop children under 16 years of age from using mobile phones. That’s according to a report by the daily Het Laatste Nieuws. The doctors will act as a sort of pressure group under the

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    • 06 MAR 07

    #665: Four in ten young adults are mobile-phone addicts (Spain)

    From Sarah Dacre: http://prensa.ugr.es/prensa/research/verNota/prensa.php?nota=434 25/02/2007 Four in ten young adults are mobile-phone addicts, a behaviour that can cause severe psychological disorders – Almost half Spaniards between 18 and 25 spend more than four hours a day hooked on their mobile phones while talking, sending text messages or giving missed calls. – The author of this

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