• 06 NOV 12

    Melbourne workshop: Science and Wireless 2012: Epidemiology, Assessing Risks, Reviewing Standards

    I will refrain from making comments about the forthcoming workshop other than say that I am very interested in following the progress (or otherwise) of the “new” Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR) headed by Rodney Croft. Will ACEBR take up the contentious issue of possible health effects from smart meters? If so, will we see the same dismissive antics that characterized the old ACRBR? Can a leopard, in fact, change its spots? We will see………..Swinburne’s Brain and Psychological Sciences Research Centre (BPsyC) and the new Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR) Host “Science & Wireless 2012”. The annual “Science & Wireless” event provides a unique opportunity for scientists, regulators, industry specialists and members of the community to meet and exchange views on mobile phones and health in a public forum.

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    • 15 OCT 12

    End the not-so-smart spin with real smart meter research

    To give an idea of what kind of research those promoting smart grid/meter technology spend their money on see the latest spin put out by the British Department of Energy and Climate Change. Titled, Quantitative Research into Public Awareness, Attitudes and Experience of Smart Meters, the report assessed consumer awareness of, attitude to, and understanding/experience of smart meters and in-home displays (IHDs). In answer to the widespread reports of adverse health effects in countries after the introduction of smart meters, the researchers simply claim that that the negative issues identified could probably be resolved by reassurance, and that consumers would still be willing to accept the technology. This conclusion suggests that concerns over possible health hazards from smart meters are probably a result of public misunderstandings and unfounded fears – in other words, ignorance.

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