• 24 MAY 06

    More on living under antennas

    Following is a very old question sent to me in Jan of 2000. Very relevant to the last message. Dear Mr. Maisch, Do you have any information that I could use for the following: This is the situation: I live in a block of flats in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, where 5 years ago

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    • 24 MAY 06

    The joys of living under roof top antennas

    Testimonial of Dalan MCaren 22 Jan 2000 From Robert Reidlinger In September of 98,I moved into a 21-storey government subsidized building for seniors. The apartment that was my placement is on the 20th floor. I immediately began experiencing symptoms of a dizzy-off -balanced feeling, headaches which were constant, sever insomnia, profuse nosebleeds, sweating and a

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    • 17 MAY 06

    # 466: Santa Cruz preschool closes citing cell tower radiation

    http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/archive/2006/May/12/local/stories/01local.htm Santa Cruz preschool closes citing cell tower radiation By ROGER SIDEMAN SENTINEL STAFF WRITERSANTA CRUZ A new Westside elementary school is closing its doors following plans by First Congregational Church to install three cell-phone transmitters next door atop its 80-foot steeple. Una Familia, the private school at 900 High St. that serves 25 kindergarten

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    • 28 APR 06

    Telco pre-exemption moves in California – and elsewhere

    Although the following message from Libby Kelly deals with further Telco pre-emption legislative laws in California and its effect on other states, the implications for other countries cannot be ignored. It is an inexorable push by the Telcos to achieve total exemptions from local and national laws – globally. Perhaps its not beyond the realms

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    • 21 APR 06

    New “peer reviewed” paper exonerates EMF/EMR

    The ongoing controversy over mobile phones and their base stations, power frequency transmission lines, powerlines and the human health implications of EMF exposure generally, has finally been answered in a ground breaking paper just published in Archives of Diseases in Childhood – the Journal of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH). Apparently

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    • 19 APR 06

    Skitzoid logic from the HPA

    In the following article sent along by Sylvie, note the revealing statement at the end by the chief spokesperson from U.K.s Health Protection Agency (HPA), Michael Clarke. “If there was a chronic effect, it would only become apparent after 10 or 20 years and we’ve only had about 10 years of extensive use by large

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    • 14 APR 06

    U.K. Insurance Firm Offers ‘Home Blight` Insurance

    Scotsman.com Mon 23 Aug 2004 Firm Offers ‘Home Blight` Insurance By Nicky Burridge, Personal Finance Correspondent, PA News Homeowners worried about the impact noisy neighbours or a mobile phone mast would have on the value their property can take out a new insurance policy, it emerged today.Insurance broker Lucas Fettes & Partners has launched Home

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    • 05 APR 06

    Mobile microwave ovens on the information superhighway

    From Eileen O’Connor: National Express trials in-coach Wi-Fi Information superhighway By John Leyden Published Friday 10th March 2006 10:01 GMT http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/03/10/coach_wi-fi_trial/ UK coach firm National Express has launched a trial which has seen Telabria’s mSystem mobile Wi-Fi hotspots installed on coaches between London and Cambridge. The scheme means travellers on the National Express’s 010 London

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    • 28 MAR 06

    3G industry rights supplant democracy in the UK

    http://www.mastsanity.org/media/49media-angergrows-0306.htm Mast Sanity press release “” 1st March 2006 Anger Grows as the health of the nation is threatened and freedom of information denied as OFCOM, DTI and ODPM hide behind a wall of conspiracy, misinformation and lies. STOP PRESS “” 2 March 2006 The ODPM have released the ARUP today The ODPM, in collusion

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    • 26 MAR 06

    Question for this list- 3G antenna’s effect on property values

    Hi All I have been contacted by a property developer in Melbourne concerned that his superannuation investment, a building housing a child’s Day Care Centre will be adversely effected by a neighbouring property owner being offered a cash incentive to allow Telstra to erect a 3G facility on the roof of the building in front

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