• 13 JAN 06

    Mitigation efforts in homes too close to high voltage powerlines…

    From Joanne C. Mueller on RF filters Dear Don: I would not like to give the impression that “filters” per se may have caused problems because those I know who understand basic electricity, etc. emphatically state that filters/capacitors would not be expected to be responsible for causing health problems. My message has been that, when

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    • 02 JAN 06

    Adverse health impacts from ground currents

    Following is a letter from Martin Weatherall and Sharon McDonald to the The Ontario Energy Board about ground electrical currents from the distribution distribution system affecting their home and health. Sent to this list by Martin Weatherall Don Subject: Willful misconduct and negligence of Hydro One Networks 866729 Township Road 10 R.R.#3 Bright, Ontario N0J

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    • 26 NOV 05

    Breast Cancer, Tamoxifen and EMFs (Part 1)

    Note: I have added a new category to this list ” Breast cancer and EMFs”. The following is the first listing in that category. From Microwave News: Dear Colleagues: How often have you been told that there are no biological effects of weak EMFs that can be replicated in more than one lab? Like much

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    • 27 OCT 05

    B.C.’s buzzing umbrellas

    From Richard Johnson, STOP representative on the Aurora – Markham Hydro Task Force. < http//www.stop-emf.ca > NATIONAL POST (British Columbia) Latest News B.C.’s buzzing umbrellas Ethan Baron CanWest News Service October 26, 2005 VANCOUVER – A B.C. woman whose umbrella attracted a surge of electricity from overhead power lines says B.C. Hydro officials suggested she

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    • 05 OCT 05

    Analysis of Repacholi testimony

    From Mast Sanity/Iris Atzmon about the article “Testimony of Michael Repacholi” listed on Omega News: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/1031477/ Testimony of Michael Repacholi Would you kindly notify your email list of the following; An analysis of testimony given in 1989 by the WHO boss of electromagnetic fields, Michael Repacholi, can be found at http://ortho.sh.lsuhsc.edu/Faculty/Marino/Comments/RepacholiTestimony.html Thanks Andy Andrew A.

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    • 02 OCT 05

    Microwave News update on WHO industry links

    From Louis Slesin: Dear Colleagues: We have received more documents that spell out the cozy relationship between the WHO and the electric utility industry. Check out the most recent posting on the Microwave News Web site. Go to: http://www.microwavenews.com/fromthefield.html#partners Best, Louis Slesin Louis Slesin, PhD Editor, Microwave News A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation Phone: +1

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    • 23 SEP 05

    WHO Favors the Electric Utility Industry

    Message forwarded on from Microwave News: In early October, for the first time in 20 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) will assemble a panel to recommend a new set of exposure guidelines for power-frequency EMFs. Few people have heard about the meeting. Yet, the electric utility industry will be there in force, sitting in

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    • 24 AUG 05

    Question on EMF as air pollution

    Penny Hargreaves has sent the following question to this list. Any replies send directly to < pahargreaves@ihug.co.nz > please. Don Transpower New Zealand( power lines) is trying to persuade the NZ authorities that electromagnetic radiation cannot legally be classified as air pollution – transpower advisers are trying to have written in to legal plans that

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    • 02 AUG 05

    Sierra Club of Canada calls ICNIRP guidelines “among the worst in the world”

    Canadian Deputy Health Minister questions link between cancer rates and electricity The Independent (Canada) August 1, 2005 In three letters to government officials dated July 18, deputy Health minister John Abbott reveals his department takes the potential health risk of overexposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) seriously. In letters to George Anderson, deputy minister Department of

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    • 29 JUL 05

    Assessment of ELF fields in urban environments in Spain

    [See my comments following] http://www.terra.es/personal/kirke1/noti67/epdf.htm Exposure assessment of ELF magnetic fields in urban environments in Extremadura (Spain). Paniagua JM, Jimenez A, Rufo M, Antolin A. Departamento de Fisica, Escuela Politecnica, Universidad de Extremadura, Caceres, Spain. email: paniagua@unex.es We present the results of a study of the extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields in urban environments

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