• 16 JUL 06

    #520: Leading UK Cancer Charity takes on EMFs

    The weblog version of this message is at: #520: Leading UK Cancer Charity takes on EMFs While Michael $$$ Repacholi now tells the world that EMFs and ionizing radiation are not that harmful afterall – and may even protect against cancer (last message), organisations actually working with cancer patients and looking for ways of saving

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    • 12 JUL 06

    #516: Substation move welcomed by staff

    The weblog version of this message is at: #516: Substation move welcomed by staff Sent by Sylvie Hsem: Gloucestershire Echo November 24, 2005 Thursday Substation – move welcomed by staff An electrical substation at Cheltenham Town Hall will soon be moved after it led to fears of a cancer cluster in the building. Staff threatened

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    • 05 JUL 06

    #510: First Meeting of the HPA – Radiation Protection Division EMF Discussion Group

    The weblog version of this message is at: #510: First Meeting of the HPA – Radiation Protection Division EMF Discussion Group From Sylvie Hsem: First Meeting of the HPA – Radiation Protection Division EMF Discussion Group See full report at: http://www.hpa.org.uk/radiation/understand/radiation_topics/ emf/emfdg/emfdg_minutes_2_3_06.pdf Chilton Thursday, 2 March 2006 Those Attending Sir William Stewart, Chairman (Health Protection

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    • 02 JUL 06

    #508: Canadian Cancer Society advises on EMFs

    The weblog version of this message is at: #508: Canadian Cancer Society advises on EMFs While the various cancer organisations in Australia and elsewhere continue to ignore the EMF cancer connection, the Canadian Cancer Society now gives clear advice on the issue. This is an IMPORTANT breakthrough which will be communicated to the many thousands

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    • 30 JUN 06

    #507: Commentary on RMIT’s brain tumour cluster controversy

    I understand that the recent brain tumour cluster at RMIT University’s Building 108 in Melbourne received some discussion at the recent Bioelectromagnetics conference in Cancun, Mexico, with the Aussie Telcos saying that the rooftop antennas have received the all-clear. For once I am in rare agreement with that opinion. HOWEVER the issue is far from

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    • 19 JUN 06

    #494: Frequency vs. field strength

    Note: To get the weblog version of this message go to: https://www.emfacts.com/weblog/index.php?p=494 From Shivani Arjuna: Dear Don, Regarding situations like the one you described at the Queensland Post Office [ message#480] that was next to an electrical substation, a crucial element is overlooked in the readings that are taken. The readings focus on the strength

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    • 27 MAY 06

    ‘Dirty electricity’ out of bounds for students

    From Robert Reidlinger: ‘Dirty electricity’ out of bounds for students School board fences off transformer, closes halls as precautions against EMFs May 18, 2006 Serena Willoughby, Staff Writer, The Economist & sun and The Liberal They’re closing hallways, moving the basketball net and putting up fences at St. Monica Catholic School in Markham, all to

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    • 26 MAY 06

    A Cautionary Tale: The Capalaba Post Office

    Before the RMIT building EMF controversy is written off as ‘case-closed’ with both Radiofrequency and ELF magnetic fields being given the all-clear, it is worthwhile to consider another cancer building scare that I was briefly involved with which took place about 5 years ago at the Capalaba Post Office in Queensland. In that case, there

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    • 26 MAY 06

    Microwave News on RMIT findings

    From Microwave News: Dear Colleagues: The environmental surveys prompted by the brain tumor cluster in Melbourne, Australia, were released earlier today. We have taken a look at the EMF and RF measurements and we don’t think they go far enough to allay public concerns. We have posted a comment on our Web site, http://www.microwavenews.com, together

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    • 26 MAY 06

    Retraction of last message

    While re-reading the EMC Radiofrequency Field Survey of the RMIT building this morning I saw in horror that the last two pages did not print on my printer last night. These pages do in fact mention that ELF measurements were taken so I have deleted the previous message with apologies to all concerned. Not a

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    • 25 MAY 06

    #474: Health fears prompt call to stop building power lines

    Article sent by Sylvie: http://news.scotsman.com/health.cfm?id=762232006 Wednesday, 24th May 2006 Health Tue 23 May 2006 Health fears prompt call to stop building power lines LOUISE GRAY THE building of new power lines in Scotland should be stopped while the potential health risks to children and pregnant women are measured, a government adviser has warned. Professor Denis

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    • 13 MAY 06

    RMIT brain tumour controversy: perhaps its not the antennas

    As for the phone tower cancer fears at the Melbourne Australia RMIT building I have to suggest that it is premature to point the blame at the cell phone towers on top of the RMIT building. The TV aerial shots of the building roof show the antennas mounted on a very tall and substantial equipment

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    • 12 MAY 06

    More on RMIT brain tumour controversy

    From The Age Melbourne, May 12, 2006: Phone tower cancer fears http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/phone-tower-cancer-fears/ 2006/05/11/1146940676777.html A SPATE of brain tumours among staff has forced RMIT University to close part of its business school and test for radiation emissions from rooftop phone towers. As staff reacted with shock, the university yesterday shut the top two floors of the

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    • 30 APR 06

    Pylon cancer fears put £7bn blight on house prices

    From Katharina Gustavs / Eileen O’Connor: Telegraph 29 April 2006 (United Kingdom) Pylon cancer fears put £7bn blight on house prices By Nic Fleming, Medical Correspondent (Filed: 29/04/2006) Up to £7 billion will be wiped off property values if the Government accepts the advice of experts that homes should no longer be built near overhead

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    • 28 APR 06

    Health Protection Agency – EMF Discussion Group (EMFDG)

    Powerwatch News: 27/04/2006 http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/news/20060427_hpa_emfdg.asp Summary: At the personal request of Sir William Stewart, Chairman of the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA), a new discussion group has been set up to help develop suitable precautionary advice for the general public regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). The people invited to participate in this group have considerable

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    • 21 APR 06

    New “peer reviewed” paper exonerates EMF/EMR

    The ongoing controversy over mobile phones and their base stations, power frequency transmission lines, powerlines and the human health implications of EMF exposure generally, has finally been answered in a ground breaking paper just published in Archives of Diseases in Childhood – the Journal of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH). Apparently

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    • 29 MAR 06

    Does power corrupt?

    From Magda Havas: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20060328.wxelectricity28/BNStory/Science/home Does power corrupt? MARTIN MITTELSTAEDT From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail, posted 28/03/06 Kevin Byrne is a man in the prime of his life who feared he had an old man’s problems. Last summer, he was devastated by chronic back pain and thought his hips were about to give out. “I’m thinking,

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    • 16 JAN 06

    Comments on Shivani Arjuna’s last message

    From Frans van Velden: I agree. Verschaeve and (Annemie, not Wolfgang) Maes of VITO have experimented with regard to ‘lipoatrophia’, the relocating of fat (also known from people who use insulin or anti-HIV medication). In an office in Belgium several workers had lipoatrophia semicircularis, combined with burning skin and fatigue (this information often is left

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    • 13 JAN 06

    Mitigation efforts in homes too close to high voltage powerlines…

    From Joanne C. Mueller on RF filters Dear Don: I would not like to give the impression that “filters” per se may have caused problems because those I know who understand basic electricity, etc. emphatically state that filters/capacitors would not be expected to be responsible for causing health problems. My message has been that, when

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    • 02 JAN 06

    Adverse health impacts from ground currents

    Following is a letter from Martin Weatherall and Sharon McDonald to the The Ontario Energy Board about ground electrical currents from the distribution distribution system affecting their home and health. Sent to this list by Martin Weatherall Don Subject: Willful misconduct and negligence of Hydro One Networks 866729 Township Road 10 R.R.#3 Bright, Ontario N0J

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