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    No biological science behind mobile phone safety testing

    From Joel M. Moskowitz:
    A leading expert, Professor Om Gandhi, blames the inadequacies of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) safety standard and the Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin (SAM) model used to test cell phones on industry and military engineers who dominated the IEEE standard setting meetings. He discusses the dangers of 5G radiation.

    Meet the man whose research inspired the SAM campaign. Om P. Gandhi, Emeritus Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering with the University of Utah, taught courses on biological effects of antennas, RF and microwave electromagnetic fields for over 50 years.

    Prof. Om P. Gandhi is a world expert on how mobile phone radiation penetrates the human brain. Once a consultant to major cell phone companies, Gandhi now refuses to work with them.

    He has authored or co-authored several book chapters, and over 200 journal articles in electromagnetic dosimetry, microwave tubes, and solid-state devices. He also edited a book entitled Biological Effects and Medical Applications of Electromagnetic Energy and co-edited a book entitled Electromagnetic Biointeraction.

    Dr. Gandhi was elected as a fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering in 1997. He was the Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Utah, from 1992 to 1999, the President of the Bioelectromagnetics Society from 1992 to 1993, the Co-Chairman of the IEEE SCC 28. IV Subcommittee on the RF Safety Standards from 1988 to 1997, and the Chairman of the IEEE Committee on Man and Radiation from 1980 to 1982. He received the d’Arsonval Medal of the Bioelectromagnetics Society for pioneering contributions to the field of bioelectromagnetics in 1995, the Microwave Pioneer Award of the IEEE MTTS in 2001, and the State of Utah Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology in 2002.

    “The SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) for a 10-year old is up to 153% higher than the SAR for the SAM model and MRI scans of children between 5 and 8 years of age and found approximately 2 times higher SAR in children compared to adults. When electrical properties are considered, a child’s head’s absorption can be over two times greater, and absorption of the skull’s bone marrow can be ten times greater than adults”

    – O. P. Gandhi et al, 2012

    “It is a fact that humans of all sizes and ages from children to older individuals are using cell phones, and testing for compliance testing for a 220 lb., 6 feet 2 inch tall adult male underestimates the actual energy absorbed by up to a factor of two, thus releasing into the market telephones that would not pass if a proper safety compliance testing method was used.”

    – Dr. Om P. Gandhi Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in his FCC Submission

    The We Are Not SAM movement is not based on opinion – it’s backed by science and the leading independent scientists from around the world have a lot to say about this testing dummy called SAM. Tune in to hear some of the mind-boggling insights from Om’s research, the specifics around the SAM test which has allowed mobile phones to proliferate the market with unsafe devices, the FDTD Method – an alternative solution to the SAM test which can detect radiation with precision, the antenna affect, why humans absorb radiation and act like a conductor + so much more!

    Show notes:

    1:58 – Why are they testing mobile phones on a plastic dummy, how it violates SAR (specific absorption rate) testing standards

    7:39 – As a professor, they can’t stop me publishing research

    10:25 – Mobile Phone tower proximity matters – a weak signal requires more radiation

    12:54 – Uncovering different radiation absorption rates for children and adults

    16:22 – Children 5-12 years are absorbing twice the amount of radiation compared to adults

    31:10 – FDTD method, the alternative biological test for safety, why is this hidden?

    33:26 – The Antenna Effect, why humans absorb radiation then act like a conductor

    38:13 – Does the 5G technology have the potential to create human transmitters?

    42:16 – Revealing studies conclude you should stay away from mobile phone towers

    44:19 – Biggest health risks of 5G infrastructure is higher rates of cancer

    49:00 – The FCC does not take long-term exposure into account

    57:22 – “5G is being rolled out unnecessarily without proper testing, that’s a fact!”


    Download and read Om Gandhi’s 2012 research paper titled “Exposure Limits: The underestimation of absorbed cell phone radiation, especially in children

    Link to more of Om Gandhi’s research papers

    Watch Dr. Gandhi share his research showing children receive higher cell phone radiation exposures than adults + more details of his ground-breaking research.


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