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    Multerland on ICNIRP’s new chairman, Rodney Croft

    I just read several recent posts by the blog site Multerland, written by Antoinette Janssen which is described as an educational blog about the hidden dangers of wireless, cell phone radiation and 5G, care for the earth, nature, natural health, spirituality, psychology, deep ecology, and wholism. Although I do not agree with everything posted on this website there are some gems. One posting of particular interest examined the appointment of Rodney Croft as ICNIRP’s new chairman. Well worth a read!



    ICNIRP”s new chair: Rodney James Croft

    In May 2020 Rodney J. Croft has become the chairman of ICNIRP, the world”s most powerful EMF safety guidelines decision maker. Too few people understand the impact of ICNIRP on their health, the essential role of ICNIRP in the difficulties to Stop 5G, to criticize wireless radiation.

    “An observation one could make based on what has been discussed above, is that ICNIRP is simultaneously one of the most powerful and one of the least-known non-governmental organisations (NGO”s) in the world. Powerful, because for almost three decades, ICNIRP has enjoyed a monopoly in the regulation of exposure to EMFs through their guidelines thanks to the stamp of approval of the WHO. For the past 30 years, and currently, this advice and these guidelines, are to a large extent followed by governments all over the world. In every annual report, by any major telecom company, you will find references to ICNIRP in any discussion or statement on the safety of their mobile phones. ICNIRP garners huge influence worldwide, functioning on a modest yearly budget of around 140.000 euro, and yet ICNIRP is largely unknown by the general public.” Source: Klaus Buchner and Michèle Rivas (European Parliament) “” “The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection: Conflicts of interest , corporate capture and the push for 5G“ “” PDF 98 pages, published June 2020.

    Their, what they claim to be “safety” guidelines, appear not to be safe at all [See for instance the article, written by Dr. Leendert Vriens]. Because of that, and the absence of research results of the long term effects of EMF, the absence of the studies of the biological effects of EMF in the ICNIRP safety guidelines, illnesses that never existed before EMF existed, are explosively expanding in numbers and diversities, all over the world where the telecom-industry is playing the most powerful role. The number one on the list of EMF related illnesses is cancer, followed by diabetes and heart disease. See: The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cellphone Radiation.

    Rodney Croft succeeds Eric van Rongen. Time to do some digging. What can we expect? Let us first take a look into Rodney Croft”s journey from being a psychology student to the ICNIRP chair….SNIP

    AND a quote of interest:

    The list shows that Rodney Croft has been educated in EMF via ICNIRP. He has been guided and controlled by ICNIRP members and ICNIRP SEG scientists, was surrounded by scientist who in one way or another have ties with ICNIRP, to become finally the perfect chair. Of course Rodney Croft knows exactly how to use his psychological skills to manipulate the human mind of those who cannot think independently and autonomously: the crowds who did not study anything, and even if they studied all about EMF, there are a lot among them who never use their brains to think deeper, and to be alert for manipulations of the mind. My thoughts go now especially to journalists who write about EMF, ICNIRP, while not having studied one page about it. All is based on the assumption that ICNIRP is infallible and that all who doubt about them, or oppose them, are pseudoscientists. It is the other way round: ICNIRP findings are based on pseudoscience.

    Read the full posting here


    And from Rodney Croft himself. “There is no harm associated with 5G”. Good to know that the Chairman of ICNIRP is of the opinion that a lack of studies on 5G biological effects, “just isn’t relevant”. With that “scientific perspective” Croft should apply to be Trump’s science advisor if The Don is re-elected. Great minds think alike….


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