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    The pitfalls of social media and technology

    Published in Independent Australia

    By Dali Sulejmani-Blackwell, Feb 2, 2020.


    Social media and the internet has rewired our brains and society in important yet sometimes worrying ways, writes Dali Sulejmani-Blackwell.

    SOCIAL MEDIA, also known as the “participative internet“, has grown rapidly in the 21st Century, creating a digitally-conscious world. It”™s rare to have dinner with a friend or family member where there isn”™t a phone on the table next to your food. Is this our fault, or is it a by-product of a digital world that has changed social mores?

    There”™s nothing wrong with social media being a source of feeling good about ourselves, but is it actually detrimental to our, health in the long term? In a recent interview, Simon Sinek, a well-published culture anthropologist discussed the addictive nature of social media. Particularly, Sinek labels millennials (“approximately anyone born after 1984”) as the most susceptible demographic due to factors such as parenting and other social factors… SNIP

    Read the full article and video interview with Simon Sinek here


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