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    The Australian 5G inquiry and Whirling Dervishes…

    At the International conference, Mobile Communications and Health: Medical, Biological and Social Problems, held in Moscow in 2004, The then ICNIRP chairman Paulo Vecchia stated the following in relation to ICNIRP’s so called precautionary principle approach:

    “ICNIRP only considers acute effects in its precautionary principle approach. Consideration of long-term effects is not possible. Precautionary actions to address public concerns may increase rather than mitigate worries and fears of the public. This constitutes a health detriment and should be prevented as other adverse effects of EME.”

    This is why Australians Rodney Croft and Sarah Loughran from ACEBR have been elevated to the lofty heights of becoming members of the exclusive ICNIRP club. They will push the nocebo line hinted at by Vecchia in 2004. Watch for any reports of harm from 5G to be put down as “worries and fears” and the blame put on media and community groups claiming that 5G is a potential health hazard.

    So, will anyone who comes home from work one day to find a 5G small cell antenna mounted on a bus shelter or power pole right outside their bedroom be comforted by knowing that “consideration of long-term effects is not possible”. SO, if they suddenly find that they cannot sleep, are fatigued all the time and suffer from tinnitus, the folks at ICNIRP could claim that its just a result of needless worry and blame it on the many Stop 5G groups!

    The Australian Communications Minister Paul Fletcher who chairs the current 5G inquiry actually thinks people will be “confident that we have rigorous safety standards”which are based on the recommendations of the scientific community”ICNIRP recommends these standards – based on decades of careful research.”

    Fletcher’s blind faith in ICNIRP (NOTE: ARPANSA’s RF standard is just a copy-& paste version of ICNIRP) is certainly not justified considering another statement from Vecchia in 2008:

    “The ICNIRP guidelines are neither mandatory prescriptions for safety, the “last word” on the issue nor are they defensive walls for Industry or others.”

    Enough spin to topple a Sufi Whirling Dervish”.





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