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    Dariusz Leszczynski on the US FDA report on carcinogenicity of RF

    US FDA 2020 Report on carcinogenicity of RF-EMF contradicts safety claims of ICNIRP

    In February 2020 US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published Report analyzing studies examining the possible causal link between RF-EMF and cancer.

    The anti-5G activists in their reading of the FDA Report have narrowly focused on Report”™s dismissal of the carcinogenicity evidence/claim by the FDA and they demand withdrawal of the FDA Report as biased and scientifically flawed. This might be a mistake, like ”˜throwing out baby with a bath water”™, because FDA Report, when read carefully, contradicts some of the opinions of ICNIRP that are the pillars of the ICNIRP”™s claim of RF-EMF safety…SNIP

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