• 06 OCT 19
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    TPG says community health fears stopped its 5G rollout in Australia

    When it was first announced that TPG had pulled out of its planned 5G rollout using Huawei’s equipment in Australia it was widely assumed that this was a result of the Australian government’s ban on Huawei equipment because of security fears (Huawei is a Chinese company with connections to the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese military) . However it now appears that TPG’s change of heart was also due to community 5G health concerns according to TPG’s chief operating executive Craig Levy testifying in the Federal Court.

    Note in the below article where it mentions Cornell research which is claimed to find that 5G radiation is safer than previous networks. The author should have dug deeper. The paper referred to is not research but just an 11 page justifiation on why Cornell University follows the FCC limits (300 kHz to 100 GHz). Its just the old Procrustean Approach dressed up in new clothing (or putting lipstick on a pig) and is disinginous for a claim that 5G is safe.

    The ‘take home’ message for the Business Insider article is that community protest concerns over 5G are having an effect.



    TPG says community health fears stopped its 5G rollout in Australia “” as experts blame disinformation campaigns on social media

    • TPG chief operating executive Craig Levy has told the Federal Court that the telco pulled its plans to roll out a 5G network in Australia due to community fears regarding the health impact of the technology.

    • Those fears have spiked despite bodies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) stating there should be no risks to public health. In fact, 5G radiation should actually be safer than previous networks, according to research by Cornell University.

    • Despite the science however, a small segment of the community appears concerned over the technology, as the number of social media groups spreading disinformation grow, galvanising opposition to the network.

    Australia has an unfortunate and chequered history of politics scuppering its national technology infrastructure.

    The National Broadband Network (NBN) was kneecapped by a change of federal government and policy and has been a veritable trainwreck ever since.

    In 2018, fears of Chinese espionage dashed Huawei”s bid to help roll out the 5G network here. Now TPG is having to explain why it scrapped its own 5G aspirations and it appears its hand was forced “” at least in part “” by fears from the community about health impacts of the technology.

    “If people have concerns about the impact on their health” they are not just looking at our model in a positive manner,” chief operating executive Craig Levy told the Federal Court on Tuesday, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.


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