• 04 JAN 19
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    Microwave News: Skepticism Over New Aussie Brain Tumor Paper

    Excerpt from Louis Slesin, Microwave News:


    A few weeks ago, BMJ Open published a paper from Australia, which claims to show that there can be no link between cell phones and brain tumors because the incidence of brain cancer in the general population has stayed steady over the last many years.

    Don”t believe it. The paper is pure politics.

    The analysis, carried out under a multi-million-dollar grant from the Australian government, is incomplete and misleading “”or worse. The details are in my latest post, available here.

    This unfortunate episode prompts many questions:

    * Did Ken Karipidis and Rodney Croft, the lead authors, design the study to get the desired conclusion?

    * Does government funding entail a responsibility to explain one”s work to the public?

    * Did BMJ Open peer review the paper? If so, who vouched for it?

    * Does ICNIRP, of which Croft is a member, endorse this study?

    Onward to 2019, but don”t expect anything much to change.




    After reading the Microwave News excellent exposé on the Croft/Karipidis paper, for those who haven’t read it yet, see “Spin in the Antipodes” for an examination of the biassed nature of telecommunications research in Australia with a good serving of the same-old spin from Croft and Co.:



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