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    Alzheimer’s The Number One Killer: Prevention and Reversal of Cognitive Decline Paperback – May 14, 2018

    New book on Alzheimer’s Disease by Tenzin Dawa PhD (Author)

    From Amazon:

    There are 5 million Americans with Alzheimer”s disease, 30 million in the world. 99% of 75 million Americans don”t know that they are positive for the allele ApoE4 which is carried by two-thirds of Alzheimer”s patients. “” 45 million of young Americans today, about 15% of the population, do not know they are destined to get Alzheimer”s disease during their lifetime, bankrupting Medicare, if no prevention is instituted. Alzheimer”s was a rare disease before the beginning of the modern consumer society and introduction of processed and fast foods, and all these conveniences of transportation and combustion engines and turbines, and, most of all, communication by pulsing microwaves used in mobile phone and TETRA communications impacting our brain cells and tissue, destroying them. We will eventually, perhaps in 30 to 50 years, have killed a sufficient number of our children, youth, grown-ups, particularly in the heavy polluted metropolitan areas of New Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai, Manila, Jakarta, Cairo, London, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, and other metropolises, creating an unmanageable backlog of Alzheimer”s patients, burgeoning cost of medical care which is bankrupting private and socialized health care insurers, and eventually the world”s population will shrink back to the 2 billion when I was born from the present 7 billion, at a time when we did not have these radiations and toxicities destroying our brains and killing us softly but surely. The expert literature says that Alzheimer”s cognitive impairment is not incurable, but is entirely preventable and in earlier bases even reversible. The chapters in this book address the issues: – Where are the Lowest Rates of Alzheimer”s in the World? – The Development of Alzheimer”s Disease. – Alzheimer”s is a Problem of Imbalance, not Toxicity. – There are 36 Holes in the Roof to be fixed. – The Bredesen ReCODE program aims to achieve the following Seven Things You Can Do to Prevent Cognitive Decline Right Now, – Dr. Bredesen”s Summary of Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid. – Aluminium in Brain Tissue in Familial Alzheimer”s Disease. – Alzheimer”s Linked to Aluminium Pollution in Tap Water. – Camelford Water Pollution Incident. – The Link Between Fluoride Levels and Alzheimer”s Disease. – On Second-Hand Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation. – Cellular Telephone – Russian Roulette. – Confidential Report on TETRA. – Alzheimer”s Disease Correlates With Mobile Phone Radiation. – Freiburger Appeal by the Medical Profession (English & Deutsch).





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