• 24 MAR 18
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    Leszczynski: Brief Opinion on the NTP Rat Study – “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.”


    Publication of the full results of the NTP study, yet again, re-confirms what Aristotle said “The more you know, the more you know you don”t know“. No matter how disappointed some might be, this is the reality of the scientific research.

    The study is a classic toxicology. Namely: rats were long-term exposed to various doses of cell phone radiation and their health was followed over the long period of time.

    NTP study demonstrates that exposures to cell phone radiation cause biological and health effects in animals. This confirms that the biological and health effects in humans are possible.

    Toxicology Approach and Radiation Exposure

    Animal toxicology studies are standard procedure in assessing carcinogenicity of chemical and physical agents. Genetic and physiological similarities between humans and e.g. rats or mice are the reason why these animals are commonly used in biomedical and pharmaceutical research. Animal toxicology studies are especially useful/required when the data from human studies (epidemiology or volunteer) is insufficient or inadequate and where ethical considerations preclude certain experimentation on humans. SNIP

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