• 07 FEB 18
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    Surprise Illness at the South Korean Winter Olympics: Is it contaminated water or 5G?

    The last blog message I sent included an article by By Nina Beety, www.smartmeterharm.org  titled:

    Stop 5G launch at Winter Olympics in South Korea. Acute public health reactions likely

    Now, by coincidence. it is being reported that acute health reactions are happening  but is thought that it is a norovirus infection in contaminated drinking water even though apparently testing has failed to find any in the water tested. Perhaps true but consider the unthinkable: What if the symptoms are actually from the experimental 5G blanketing the Olympic site?  If this is true (and it may not) imagine the effects on the athletes.  If this be the case we won’t have long to wait for some pretty dismal Olympic games. This deserves watching!


    Signs and symptoms of norovirus infection include:
    Headache                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Nausea.
    Abdominal pain or cramps.
    Watery or loose diarrhea.
    Low-grade fever.
    Muscle pain.
    It was also reported in USA Today:

    The organizing committee said ground water used in food and beverages at the Horeb Youth Centre — a housing facility — was suspected. In a statement late Tuesday, the committee said the Ministry of Food And Drug Safety and Ministry of Environment had checked the water used for cooking and consumption over five days and found it tested negative for Norovirus.



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