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    Upcoming web conference on the impacts of EMR on wildlife

    Excerpt from the conference web page:


    The impacts of artificial Electromagnetic Radiations on wildlife
    (flora and fauna)

    What is this conference about?

    EMR are used in many different ways, with uses expanding in terms of the range of frequencies and the volume of transmissions. An important issue is to explore how current use of EMR can affect biodiversity and ecosystem services (such as pollination and pest control). Better understanding and awareness of environmental risks from EMR can lead to the development, promotion and implementation of adequate and timely policy solutions.

    We are inviting you to join a wide range of experts from different disciplines as well as policy makers and practitioners for an international discussion of the current knowledge on the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on wildlife. The aim is to highlight current state of the art in this field, to identify knowledge gaps related to the impacts on different taxonomic groups and ecosystems, and to discuss the technical aspects and methodologies used in current studies.

    The specific objectives of the web conference will be to

    - Discuss the scope of existing studies, weaknesses and gaps as well as major findings
    - Identify and prioritize key research needs potentially in relation to current policy needs
    - Identify policy recommendations based on current knowledge

    EKLIPSE is a H2020 funded project that aims to develop an innovative and self-sustainable EU support mechanism for evidence-based and evidence-informed policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services. A major function of EKLIPSE is to answer requests from policy, civil society and science. The requests can lead to an in-depth knowledge synthesis, a foresight activity (identification of research gaps and emerging issues), or a societal engagement activity. EKLIPSE had a first “call for request” in September 2016 and received a request from Buglife on the impact of electromagnetic radiations (EMR) on wildlife (Fauna and Flora)

    If anyone is interested in participating, the web conference is being held Jan 22-25, and the time to register is NOW. Here is the link: http://www.covision.com/register/?da=register

    Read the full information here


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