• 29 DEC 17
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    The FCC Has Approved a World-First Wireless Charger

    It had to come, a truly wireless device charger which uses a RF transmitting router with sufficient strength to remotely charge your devices with none of those old fashion annoying wires. See the video with the hefty looking router and consider some obvious questions about this device. Just what frequency and power level is it emitting? In close proximity will it be approaching the FCC limits? Will purchasers just leave it conveniently “on” in the home or workplace resulting in a significant increase in overall exposures?

    A Brave New World…



    From Futurism.com

    Truly Wireless Charger

    A wireless charger is not a new concept. Although unencumbered by flimsy wiring, these chargers do need to be physically in contact with mobile devices to work, and usually that”s through a charging plate.

    But what if you could charge your phone in a truly wireless fashion?

    That”s what the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved on December 26, 2017 when they gave a power-at-a-distance wireless charging certification to a device called the WattUp Mid Field transmitter.

    Developed by the San Jose-based startup Energous, WattUp uses radio frequencies to charge mobile devices at a distance of up to 91.44 cm (3 ft).[incorrect, see video- charging up to 15 feet] Though the distance covers barely a meter, it certainly exceeds the length of your typical charging cable. The transmitter converts electricity to radio frequencies, which are then beamed into devices that have a corresponding receiver.

    The Future of Mobile Connectivity

    Energous isn”t the first startup that promised to bring a true wireless charging experience, in fact some companies are even working on a similar concept for electric vehicles. Energous, however, is the first to have their technology officially approved by the FCC, which says a lot about WattUp”s potential.

    “The FCC certification of Energous” power-at-a-distance wireless charging transmitter is a major market milestone. It opens up options, outside of just contact-based charging, to Wireless Charging 2.0: an ecosystem where devices can be charged both, via pad and at a distance,” Stephen R. Rizzone, Energous president and CEO, said in a press announcement.

    Not only does it offer untethered charging, but WattUp can also charge several devices “” phones, tablets, keyboards, presumably even smartwatches “” at the same time, provided that they”re paired with the right receiver. WattUp”s ecosystem allows it to work even if your device and the transmitter”s manufacturer aren”t the same.

    “Untethered, wire-free charging “” such as charging a fitness band even while wearing it “” is exactly what consumers have been waiting for. We are now in a position to move our consumer electronics, [the Internet-of-Things] and smart home customers forward at an accelerated pace,” Rizzone added.

    See the article with video here




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