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    Pilot Study Shows Dramatic Difference In Brain Activity With EHS (Electrohypersensitive) Cases As Compared To Controls (Non EHS).


    This is the first known published study to show pictures of EHS on an fMRI.

    News provided by

    The Peoples Initiative Foundation

    10:37 ET

    LOS ANGELES, Dec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ –¬ The Peoples Initiative Foundation has announced the conclusion of a pilot study they organized, headed up by Dr. Gunnar Heuser, showing EHS on an fMRI.¬ This study was originally published by Degruyter in July of 2017, but was absent pictures of the controls. The company waited until the pictures were placed in the study to issue this press release, as the visual difference between the cases and controls is quite dramatic.

    Below¬ are 2 sample pictures from the study. The large white area on the left side of the left picture shows hyperconnectivity in the brain of a case (EHS person). The same small white area in the picture to the right shows normal brain activity in a control (non EHS person).

    EHS or “electrohypersensitivity” in civilian terms, “microwave radiation poisoning” in military terms, is an RF (radio frequency) or microwave radiation induced illness who’s very existence is hotly debated by government and wireless industry scientists and personnel. This study provides evidence that abnormalities exist in the EHS brain that are not present in the non EHS brain and could put an end to the debate on the existence of EHS. It also defies the widely held governmental and wireless industry stance that wireless devices and infrastructure have no consequences to human health and could impact the prevailing opinion of wireless radiation being deemed safe.

    The Peoples Initiative Foundation will be holding a tele-press conference to take questions from the media Thurs. Dec. 7th @ 12 noon PST. The study’s principle author, Dr. Gunnar Heuser will be on the call to take questions about the study, as well as Liz Barris, study organizer and one of the EHS cases in the study to take questions about EHS.

    Journalists on deadline who RSVP by emailing: contact@thepeoplesinitiative.org with the # they will be calling in from will be given first priority in the tele-press conference queue.

    Please call 515-739-1219 access code 283521#

    Emergency back up # only in case above # has problem:
    605-472-5616 ¬ access code ¬ 106520#

    For free abstract and purchase of full text of the study with case pictures go hereӦ https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/reveh.2017.32.issue-3/reveh-2017-0014/reveh-2017-0014.xml

    Corrigendum and control pictures hereӦ



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