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    EHS [provocation] research is scientifically worthless for two reasons…

    Dariusz Leszczynski has written an interesting article on his blog which examines the limitations of EHS provocation studies and it is well worth a read. Follow the money to see where the push for the nocebo effect as the sole cause for EHS is coming from. Perhaps understandable if you consider the trillions of dollars at stake if a replicable biological link was ever established between EHS and telecommunications technologies. In the Australian context, Telstra and the folks at ACEBR know this risk all too well… A Pandora’s Box that must be kept tightly closed at all cost.



    From Between a Rock and a Hard Place


    On October 14th, 2017, Finnish newspaper “Helsingin sanomat”, in its science pages, has published a story on the electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), with a lengthy title: “Nocebo effect explains why some people get symptoms from electromagnetic fields or wind power: in experimenting, mere worry of side effects, caused the volunteers to get symptoms“ (in Finnish: Nosebovaikutus selittää, miksi jotkut saavat oireita sähköstä tai tuulivoimasta: kokeessa pelkkä sivuvaikutuksilla pelottelu sai koehenkilöt oireilemaan).

    In the article, the journalist with the assistance of some scientists, came to the conclusion that EHS does not exist, it is not caused by the exposures to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and it is only an “imagination” of some people. This “imagination”, as it was concluded, was the sole cause of the negative health symptoms experienced by self-diagnosed EHS persons.

    In short, the article in the “Helsingin sanomat” made readers to understand that EHS is just a “delusion”…. SNIP

    Now you simply must read the rest!


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