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    Dr. Martin Pall’s lecture on the biological effects of wireless radiation

    From Cecelia Doucette

    Dear EMF Stakeholders,

    Dr. Martin Pall, who lectured on the biological effects of wireless radiation in Ashland, Massachusetts this summer, just returned from “lecturing in Spain and provided our local cable station with his slides for the video below. “(“”The Comments section under the YouTube video “will, once approved, provide links to the military studies he references showing evidence of harm, and options for solutions.”)”


    Thank you”, Dr. Pall for giving us your time, both for this talk and speaking with FoxNews”, and “for joining us to testify on two of the seven Massachusetts EMF bills while “you were in Boston.” You planted many important seeds that day!” Thank you too, to Devra Davis and Theodora Scarato for posting Dr. Pall’s testimony on Environmental Health Trust’s YouTube channel.

    Please feel free to share widely.

    Best regards,

    Cece Doucette
    Technology Safety Educator
    Ashland, MA
    Understanding EMFs
    Wireless Education


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