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    What Screen Time and Screen Media Do To Your Child’s Brain and Sensory Processing Ability March 28, 2017

    From Hands on OT

    March 28, 2017


    It”s a scene we”re sure you”ve witnessed again and again:

    A family is sitting in a restaurant having dinner. The four year old is clearly fed up with sitting, and starts to complain, jump on her seat or run around. But a few moments later, she”s quietly in her seat again, enabling her parents and older siblings to enjoy a peaceful meal and conversation for the next 30 minutes.

    What happened?

    Her father handed her his iPhone.

    It”s a scene we see repeated in doctors” waiting rooms, supermarkets, public transportation” and while we entirely understand it, it also saddens us.

    So many caring, well-meaning parents are unaware of the developmental damage caused to their children by exposure to screen time and screen media.


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