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    The link between highly-polluted air and the risk of developing dementia

    It was reported yesterday on ABC News that, for the first time ever, Australian bulk ore carriers were unable to dock in the China port because of dense air pollution, which made navigation impossible. Photos of the port city showed the vague outline of apartments in the smog. This article from Senior Advisor.com is timely!


    From Jessica Walter

    Why Clean Air Is Important for Your Health

    Scientists believe there may be a link between highly-polluted air, and the risk of developing dementia. It has been found that people with dementia have high levels of magnetite in their brains, though it is not clear whether or not these elevated levels are related to dementia.

    If you”re concerned about the air quality in your home or community, there are some steps you can take to clean it up. First, you”ll want to assess whether your local area has polluted air or not. In some cases, you can actually see the smog over a city. A tight-fitting mask that filters pollutants would do the trick here. At home, you”ll need to use your HVAC, and a portable air purifier is also recommended.

    Take a look at this guide and discover more about the connection between dementia and dirty air, and learn how to clean the air around you.



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