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    Scientific misconduct, censorship and the Interphone study

    From Dariusz Leszczynski’s blog, Between a Rock and A hard Place.


    Uncensored version of blog post on Interphone, first published in 2011 and re-published for the first time now”

    Posted on January 30, 2017

    Below is the uncensored version of my science blog published in 2011. This version was subsequently censored by, then, STUK Director General who called me personally and informed that if I do not agree to rewrite the blog post he will need to consider if I am suited to continue work at STUK. Under this threat I agreed and STUK Director General personally revised my blog post. The link to censored version of the post and to two other posts on this subject can be found in my yesterday”s blog post.

    The uncensored version of the blog, published in 2011 and re-published for the first time since, gives a better idea of what happened to science and what form of scientific misconduct Interphone committed”

    STUK Directors condemned me for speaking freely and openly of this problem. In the opinions of STUK Directors it was inappropriate to criticize publicly Interphone because part of it was done at STUK by STUK scientists, my colleagues” This is the kind of open and fair scientific debate that STUK likely exercises still now as several of the same STUK Directors are still in charge”

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