• 04 NOV 16
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    My recommendation for yet another international expert for ACEBR.

    It is highly unusual for me to make a recommendation for another international expert to join the growing band of esteened experts at the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR) but Professor Tapio Ala-Nissilä Professor of physics at the Aalto University in Helsinki would feel quite at home chatting with the ACEBR folk (provided that he can speak English, that is). According to the latest blog posting by Dariusz Leszczynski, Ala-Nissilä’s (translated) expert views on the biological effects of telecommunications frequencies RF/MW emissions are as follows:

    * Radio-frequency microwaves do not affect at all biological tissue

    * Cell phone does not warm up human tissues at all. Furthermore, human temperature control mechanisms is exact and efficient

    * Place where cell phone is kept does not matter: warmth of cell phone does not affect human

    * Human itself emits microwaves, meaning it warms up environment with 100 Wat, meaning with power of electric radiator

    * From hugging another person you get much more radiation exposure than from cell phone

    * [IARC] classification is baseless. It is based on research done in 1990-ties, research that was later was repealed. In next meeting of the classification committee current classification will be changed

    * Cell phones are used already by 5.5 billon people. However, especially brain cancer, is in decline in 21st century

    * EHS was thoroughly examined with tests of which double blind test is most reliable. [“] All tests have shown that in reality people are unable to sense electromagnetic field.

    * Currently cell phone radiation is baselessly classified as possibly carcionogenic group 2B, similarly as coffee and pickled vegetables.

    * If it would happen that one person out of 100 millions of people would get cancer because of cell phone radiation the risk is negligable compared with everything else in life.


    Please read Leszczynski’s full article here

    So, considering Professor Ala-Nissilä’s profoundly Procrustean Approach, I’m sure his viewpoints would be greatly appreciated by his fellow Procrusteans at ACEBR. Rodney take note….


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