• 07 SEP 16
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    Cell Phone Radiation Breaks DNA: Latest NTP Findings Are Consistent with Higher Tumor Counts

    From Microwave News


    In May, the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) announced that male rats exposed to cell phone radiation developed higher rates of cancer. Soon, the NTP will explain how that might have happened.

    The same radiation that led male rats to develop brain tumors also caused DNA breaks in their brains. Female rats “”which did not have significantly elevated tumor counts”” had fewer DNA breaks.

    All these findings are part of the same $25 million NTP project.

    The NTP results provide “strong evidence for the genotoxicity of cell phone radiation,” said Ron Melnick, who led the team that designed the NTP study. This “should put to rest the old argument that RF radiation cannot cause DNA damage,” he told us.

    “Finding DNA damage in the brain of rats supports NTP”s tumor data,” according to Melnick.

    This is perhaps the most decisive chapter in a saga that began more than 20 years ago when Henry Lai and N.P. Singh showed that RF/microwave radiation could cause DNA breaks. After that the “war games” began and never let up.

    Read our new story, the latest chapter on NTP’s most expensive project ever:….. SNIP

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