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    British bar installs Faraday cage to block phone signals / Cafe Thrives Without WiFi

    From www.thegeek.com

    By Matthew Humphries Aug. 3, 2016

    t”s becoming increasingly difficult to disconnect. The smartphone we all carry will usually find a signal, be it 3G, 4G, or WiFi meaning you”re always connected and able to receive messages, chat, or surf the web in your own insular bubble. Getting away from that is tough and most of us wouldn”t want to anyway, but one British bar is forcing the disconnect on its patrons.

    The Gin Tub cocktail bar in Hove is owned by Steve Tyler and he dislikes what the smartphone has done to social gatherings. So he decided to do something about it in his own bar by installing a Faraday cage that blocks all phone signals. The Gin Tub is a dead zone.

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    Also see related from Jeremy Johnson:

    Cafe Thrives Without WiFi

    I enjoy sharing stories of businesses that are thriving while bucking the current wireless trend. Once such business is Equator Coffee in Mill Valley, California:

    Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time in Mill Valley and noticed that hardly anyone in this very popular cafe was on a laptop. How could this be? In fact, people were sitting and having actual conversations (once they got through the line, which was almost always out the door). It was like 1995, except that this cafe opened in 2014 and has a very modern design:

    When I asked the employees about the lack of people glued to computers, they said that the owners didn”t want to have WiFi so that people would actually have conversations and enjoy themselves (they also nodded in agreement when I mentioned the health effects). In other words, they wanted this location to be a center of the community where people preferred to spend time, which it certainly has become. If anything, the lack of WiFi has helped this cafe and the business is a resounding success. In fact, Equator Coffee has been named the 2016 U.S. Small Business Association National Small Business of the Year.

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