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    Standards Australia/ENA plan to mandate smart meters nationally

    Following is an email distributed by Standards Australia today (18 July 2016). Note that the deadline for submissions is 7 August 2016. In my opinion this is an underhanded move to essentially mandate the introduction of smart meters through the Standards Australia process. Will the public interest in regards to potential adverse health issues be included in the discussions? Obviously not. For this reason it is vital for concerned groups and individuals in Australia get on to this issue immediately and lobby for a voice in the Standards Australia process. Note that smart meter standards are mentioned in the links provided by SA. To quote from:

    page 24 of this Powerpoint presentation:

    Advances in Standards: A number of new technical standards have been identified that are critical to the efficient and safe deployment of technology enablers of the integrated grid. These include: “˘Storage Safety Standards “˘Electric Vehicle Standards “˘Inverter Standards “˘Protection Relay standards “˘ Smart Meter Standards

    Advance metering (smart meters) is also mentioned in the email below


    From Standards Australia:


    As you may have already seen, Standards Australia is partnering with the Energy Networks Association as part of the Network Transformation Roadmap (NTR).

    Standards Australia is undertaking a specific piece of work in parallel to the NTR project to determine how standards can best support the various possible futures of distributed electricity. This is a high level project to evaluate the current state of standards and relevant technical committees, and ask stakeholders to assist us in understanding how the diverse areas may interact in the future.

    The outcomes of the Standards Australia project will feed into the NTR, and ENA”™s statement on the Standards Australia work can be found here.

    The attached discussion paper published last week, which can also be found on our website, provides background and a structure to facilitate feedback from stakeholders such as yourself. Following the discussions and responses around this paper, there will be a forum in August to confirm outcomes and discuss next steps.

    One of the outcomes of this work will be an overview of the state of the relevant areas to act as guidance in the coming years. The attached editable slide is a tool to facilitate your high-level feedback on these areas, and is further discussed on pages 8 and 9 of the discussion paper.

    We have received some questions on how this overlaps with the work being done on advanced metering and energy storage. This project is a broader overview than that work, but will take those projects into account.

    Submissions should be sent to NSM@standards.org.au by Monday 7 August.


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