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    Will Massey University’s research on the potential health impacts of 5G devices be limited to thermal effects only?

    Note: It appears that the below research effort may be limited to investigating thermal effects only and not other effects below the existing RF thermal limits (ICNIRP, etc). It is concerning that lead investigator, Dr Hasan from the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology at Massey mentions that 5G technology may bring us dangerously close to exceeding the pre-defined (thermal effects only)limits and so the study findings will be compared against the existing thresholds that have been set aside by a number of regulatory bodies. In other words, if their measurements of these devices conform to ICNIRP thermal limits all is well.

    If this be the case this whole blinkered research effort will fail to give any answers to the question of possible biological hazards of 5G technology other than an assurance that at least the devices will not cook you……


    Massey University researchers delve into potential health impacts of 5G
    May 16, 2016 | By Monica Alleven


    Massey University in New Zealand says it has received funding to investigate whether there will be any adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation to human health caused by 5G networks.

    The project “Analysing Harmful Electromagnetic Exposure due to Future Millimeter Wave Transmissions” is funded by the Lottery Health Research Fund and will be carried out over 2016-2017.

    “If the future wireless signals are found to be harmless to the human health, this project would build consumer confidence in the future telecommunication services. However, if this project shows that the 5G network leads to, or potentially may lead to adverse health impacts, the industry would be required to modify the underlying wireless technology to ensure the human wellbeing,” said Faraz Hasan, principal investigator.

    “With some industry giants predicting 50 billion connected devices by 2020 and with the employment of much higher transmission frequencies proposed for the 5G rollout, it is essential to determine how the future of telecommunications will affect the health of its users,” Hasan said in the announcement.


    Read the full article here

    Also see Massey University’s press release here


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