• 06 MAY 16
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    Latest info on ICNIRP and BEMS from Dariusz Lesczcynski

    Note that I have had knee surgery three weeks ago and and now in rehab – learning how to walk again! For that reason I will be largely silent for some weeks.

    However, please see Lesczcynski’s recent postings on ICNIRP and BEMS on his “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” blog . Well worth a read!



    Recently DL published several posts in his blog “BRHP – Between a Rock and a Hard Place” about ICNIRP and BEMS.

    Recent Posts

    Somewhat “happy” ending to the election scandal at BEMS
    What next, after the election scandal at BEMS?
    Election scandal at BEMS “” election by-laws were violated
    Election scandal at the Bioelectromagnetics Society
    Is ICNIRP reliable enough to dictate meaning of science to the governmental risk regulators?



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