• 29 MAR 16
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    Smart Meter Fires: Burning meters, burning questions, shocking answers (video)

    This new video from Brian Thiesen is quite literally explosive information which every homeowner needs to know.

    So-called “smart” meters have caused thousands of fires and explosions “” such as this fire on Wednesday in Ontario. But corrupt politics and money have swept the whole thing under the rug.

    Brian explains how and why this is all occurring, including reams of evidence and court documents. This is exactly what your utility does not want you to see. Watch now:
    Video topics include:
    Court documents,
    Whistleblower evidence,
    High voltage surges (the removal of the surge arrestors designed to protect your home),
    Lower voltage surges,
    Thinner blades on “smart” meters,
    Remote disconnect issues,
    Bad installations, and
    Installing under load

    Previously-documented “smart” meter fires

    Smart Meter Fires: Burning meters, burning questions, shocking answers

    And millions of “smart” meters have been recalled and or replaced .

    The most terrible thing is this: most people simply don”t know. It”s been covered up, worldwide.

    And most still don”t know that “smart” meters are part of a global corporate agenda of unprecedented in-home surveillance, systemically increasing utility bills, facilitating hacking and remote shut-offs, and are causing widespread human functional impairment from pulsed microwave radiation hundreds to thousands of times stronger than a cellphone.

    We”ve had a hell of a time getting this info out. This clandestine agenda, however, is beginning to crack.

    And those causing or allowing “smart” meter deployments will be individually held to account.

    See the video and links here


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