• 18 MAR 16
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    A Brave New World Part II: Wi-Fi Aware

    WI-Fi Aware, sounds like an activist group but far from it. It is essentially a concept of social engineering where the corporations designing and building the Internet of Things (IoT) are creating a social order where humans will be totally immersed in a microwave saturated virtual IoT matrix, unable to function outside of it and perhaps with everyone implanted with a RFID chip to always stay connected even without a smart phone. As Google has said, people who attempt to opt-out will be viewed with suspicion and will need “special attention”.

    But at least we will have all these wonderful toys to play with, at least to the IoT becomes self aware….

    Interesting reading here is from the IT tech online magazine: Information Age: Insight and analysis for IT leaders

    The autonomous Internet of Things: how the IoT will become context-aware and self-sufficient

    In order for the IoT to become widespread, machines and devices must be capable of making decisions autonomously. This depends on their ability to derive context through machine learning. When this is achieved, it will allow humans to be taken out of the equation, driving value and cost efficiencies. – See more at: http://www.information-age.com/technology/mobile-and-networking/123460740/autonomous-internet-things-how-iot-will-become-context-aware-and-self-sufficient#sthash.2CQkup5o.dpuf

    Also see the interesting article Robots are becoming self-aware in Betanews.com.

    Whatever you think about all this, interesting times are ahead, perhaps more for our devices than us….



    Wi-Fi Aware: What”s It About, And How Can You Use It?

    Can you imagine what life would be like without Wi-Fi? Everything is wireless these days, and we”ve evolved so far beyond the point of being hardwired that cables almost feel primitive. Wi-Fi was truly a revolutionary step forward, and it just got even better.

    This new development has been dubbed Wi-Fi Aware and is set to change the way we live. It”ll be a while before we really start seeing the benefits play out, but the future is close enough that we should be preparing ourselves for what”s to come.

    What is Wi-Fi Aware and how does it affect you? Let”s find out.

    Wi-Fi Aware, sometimes shortened to just Aware, is the culmination of a lot of research and development by some of the biggest companies around the world. We”re talking Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Cisco, and all the other participating members of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

    The basic idea behind Wi-Fi Aware is that devices and applications will automatically be able to discover and communicate with each other based on proximity alone “” and because these connections are performed internally over Wi-Fi, no cellular data or Internet bandwidth will be wasted.

    Here”s how it works: Wi-Fi Aware devices can act as publishers, subscribers, or both. Publisher devices persistently broadcast a signal that indicates permission to connect. Subscriber devices persistently search for publishers, and when found, will initiate a connection request.

    It”s a refined example of the Internet of Things, an idea that describes a network of interconnected devices where all the devices are constantly sending information back and forth without any human involvement.

    Read the full article here.

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