• 25 FEB 16
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    Change.org petition to reduce microwave radiation limits by 100

    Request from Ben Nowland

    ABC Catalyst the other night was a reasonably balanced report. My book went to the presenter so pleased to have influenced that investigation.

    As you know any change takes a lot of energy. There are no material gains for me (I do not recommend any products/gimmicks). Rather I seek big picture societal/regulatory transformation. Hence the change.org petition to bring us in line with some other countries seeking to mitigate adverse health effects on their citizens. I’d love it if you could share the petition with enthusiasm to your readers. People forget how crucial their voice is in transforming to a healthier society. It won’t ‘cure’ everyone with electro-sensitivity however is an achievable first step and puts regulatory bodies on notice. If we don’t put brakes on now levels will be SERIOUSLY high once 5G is introduced in 2020 to overlay existing 3G and 4G. Now is the time – Thanks Don

    ps. Signatures are silent and not displayed on the web unless you want to comment.

    Click for change.org petition.

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    Let me know if you need further information. With thanks.

    Ben Nowland

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