• 04 NOV 15
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    Goodbye to the “Smart Grid” and hello to the “Hello Grid”

    It had to come: The smart grid industry’s slick public relations campaign to make the smart grid (read: smart meters) more palatable to the uninformed public. To this end, their public relations spin merchants have come up with a brilliant new term for the smart grid. Now its called the “Hello Grid”. Perhaps we can even now call the troublesome smart meter the ‘hello meter’.

    My suggestion is to simply drop the “o”….. Read on.



    Excerpt from the latest from Australian Energy Networks Association:

    With Australian households using more appliances in their daily lives for communication, comfort and convenience, the electricity grid plays an essential part in our lives. But how often do we currently think about our own electricity use? How often do we consider the use of electricity and our local energy grid “” and how it relates to our homes and our community?
    You are invited to join the conversation and share more about the future of the “˜world”™s largest machine”™ “” an integrated, dynamic energy system.

    About Hello Grid
    Hello Grid is an initiative to share with the community more about the way energy networks across Australia work, and of the exciting changes that are taking place in the system. This intricate system of transmission towers, substations, transformers, poles, wires and smart technology, along with all the people who maintain and manage the infrastructure provides an important service to the community “” and is likely to be the vital gateway to a smart and clean energy future.
    Hello Grid has been developed by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) representing the owners and operators of the Australian energy networks (the poles, wires and pipes that carry electricity and gas to consumers).


    Read all about the Hello Grid here

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