• 16 OCT 15
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    Here we go again: Science and Wireless Spin 2015

    Playing to the well-worn retro tune of ‘thermoregulatory effects only’ the usual band of thermalists are hosting another so called Science and Wireless conference in Melbourne this year. And to top it all off we have the panel discussion chaired by none other than the eminent Professor Michael Repacholi. Expect the usual whirling dervish spin from this group. Why don’t they ever invite people such as Lennart Hardell to present? The answer to that is obvious.

    Oh! And as for the topic of electrosensitivity expect the answer to be that its all just a psychosomatic disorder by needlessly worrying people.

    Nothing new here….just more Procrustean bullshit.


    This is from the website: http://www.rmit.edu.au/events/all-events/conferences/2015/december/science-and-wireless-2015/

    The NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence, Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR) will be hosting Science and Wireless 2015 at RMIT University on December 8.

    The focus of this year”s event will be on radio-frequecy (RF) health research, with ACEBR researchers presenting their current research projects followed by a keynote presentation on international research developments. A facilitated Q&A panel discussion will then provide plenty of opportunity for open discussion on the topics, followed by informal conversations during the poster session over drinks and light snacks.
    Preliminary program
    Time Presentation
    4.00 pm – 4.05 pm Opening address by Professor Calum Drummond, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation and Vice-President, RMIT University
    4.05 pm – 4.45 pm

    ACEBR RF health research; Current research overview presented by ACEBR chief investigators and associated researchers
    Chair: Professor Irene Yarovsky, CI, RMIT University

    Prof. Andrew Wood, CI, Swinburne University
    Does Radiofrequency radiation exposure affect the thermoregulatory system of workers in extreme weather conditions when wearing protective clothing?

    Dr. Sarah Loughran, PDF, University of Wollongong
    Mechanisms underlying the influence of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields on brain activity

    Prof. Elena Ivanova, CI, Swinburne University
    The bioeffects of 18 GHz electromagnetic field on prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

    Sohni Jain, PhD student, RMIT University
    Biological effects of low power microwave radiation at 1.8GHz, 2.1GHz, 2.3GHz and 2.6GHz on enzyme kinetics and proliferation of yeast cells

    Prof. Boris Martinac, CI, Victor Chang Cardiac
    Modulation of mechanosensitive channel activity by magnetic fields

    Dr Nevena Todorova, PDF, RMIT University
    Atomistic insights into the molecular responses of proteins to electromagnetic radiation
    4.45 pm – 4.55 pm Key developments in international RF safety programs
    Professor Rodney Croft, ACEBR Director
    4.55 pm – 5.35 pm New international developments in RF bioeffect mechanism research
    Keynote lecture presented by Dr Bernard Veyret, France
    Chair: Professor Rodney Croft, ACEBR Director
    5.35 pm – 6.00 pm Panel discussion
    Convened by Emeritus Professor Michael Repacholi, University of Rome
    6.00 pm – 7.00 pm Posters, drinks and informal discussion

    Poster session

    For the first time the Science and Wireless event will include a poster session where ACEBR students and researchers as well as other registered participants will showcase their studies on the relevant topics in open discussion with the forum attendees. Please indicate on your on-line registration form (below) whether you intend to present a poster and if so, you will need to provide the title as well as the names and affiliations of all the co-authors.


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