• 24 JUL 15
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    Cindy Sage comments on last message re the “hive” and smart meters

    From Cindy Sage:

    These fools do not have a clue that as you ramp up the duty cycle (using more than the utility requires) the wireless RF exposure goes up dramatically. See SageReports.com/smart-meter-rf as proof that EVEN FCC standards, as grossly inadequate as they are, will be violated by smart meters in ‘the manner installed and operated’.

    That is precisely why we did the computer modeling on various duty cycles, from 1% in increments up to 100% duty cycle. Because ‘excess capacity’ is equivalent to money. Wireless capacity has a value. It will be sold, and exploited for commercial purposes by some truly uninformed group like HIVE that does not get the implications.

    We modeled a single meter and four meters in bank” and a collector meter and a collector meter plus multiple smart meters” and gave FCC OET 65 formula calculations at 60% and 100% reflection – as the FCC requires to show that for a nursery crib at 11″ thru a wall from these meters; and also at about 28″ from a kitchen counter (meters on outside walls at this distance) you very quickly see FCC VIOLATIONS of RF.

    We also compared the absolute RF power density levels in these scenarios to studies reporting health effects at lower-than-FCC safety standards. Of course, the effects are far worse considering the non-thermal RF effects.

    So, as these people at HIVE go merrily on their way, promoting this ‘new concept’, they would do well to get a basic education in safety standards and computer modeling.

    Cindy Sage, Sage Associates

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