• 08 MAY 15
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    In Tasmania, smart meters are optional

    Well, its finally out, Tasmania’s Energy Strategy paper. Perhaps due to the number of submissions against the introduction of smart meters, in the final report on page 20, the Tasmanian government states the following:

    “The Government will not initiate a mandated roll-out of smart meters (such as occurred in Victoria). The government”™s position is that any take up of smart meters must be consumer-led, where consumers may choose to have a smart meter in order to enable their preferred retail product.”

    Will this result in a flood of Victorians who have been adversely affected by smart meters moving to Tasmania. Time will tell.

    However, a gradual smart meter roll-out will happen for the uninformed who are not aware of what happened in Victoria and elsewhere. Good news for Tasmanians who do not want a smart meter though. Lock up your old analogue meter securely in a box with a window for the meter reader and have a sign saying you do not want a smart meter.

    Read the final Tasmanian govt. paper + the various final submissions here: http://www.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/energy/strategy


    Don Maisch

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