• 22 APR 15
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    Recommended Australian website

    I just had a look at the redesigned EMR Aware website from Byron area, in New South Wales, Australia. An excellent resource for Australians concerned about the unintended consequences of wireless technologies.

    This website is published by EMR Aware, a not-for-profit community association based in Byron Shire on the Northcoast of NSW Australia. We offer technical support to residents and government agencies in our vicinity, and worldwide, regarding the health, social and environmental impacts of technologies that subject users to electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

    We are not anti-technology or anti-corporation. Our premise is simply this. In instances where products or services carry a documented risk consumers have a right to know the benefits vs. potential negative impacts. This enables both a change in habits, and motivation to demand safer products or legislation where appropriate.

    – See more at: http://www.emraware.com/

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