• 04 DEC 14
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    More madness from the Internet of Things: A Bluetooth-enabled dummy

    Source: Anand Wells from Earthing OZ

    The Telegrapk UK

    How to sync your baby with your iPhone


    A new Bluetooth-enabled dummy constantly records your baby’s temperature and alerts you if they start to get ill, and will even sound an alarm if they wander away from you

    The Internet of Things has seen everything from our watches, heating thermostats and smoke alarms connected to our smartphones via Bluetooth. But a Surrey-based company now wants to connect your baby, too.

    The Pacifi is a Bluetooth-enabled dummy which can record your baby’s temperature throughout the day via a sensor in the teat and beam the data back to your smartphone. From a special app you can then monitor for warning signs that they are getting ill.

    You can even set up automatic alerts to warn you if the temperature rises above a certain point, and share all of that data with your doctor at the tap of a button.

    Pacifi also features an in-built proximity sensor that allows parents to track the pacifier”™s location. Within the app users can set alarms which are triggered when a child breaches a certain distance, which can range up to 50 metres.

    The pacifier also features a buzzer alarm than can be activated via a smartphone when it has been lost or misplaced.


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