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    Leszczynski lecturing in Australia: Program of the November 2014 visit

    From Dariusz Leszczynski

    During my forthcoming November 2014 visit to Australia I will have 4 lectures at various universities and two in other locations (see listing below). All of the lectures are freely available for general public. There might be some differences in content between the lectures. I will also participate, as listener, in two events at the Wollongong University, co-organized by ICNIRP, ACEBR and ARPANSA.

    The general theme of my lectures will be as follows:

    Cell Phone Radiation, Health Hazard and Precaution

    We, the cell phone users, are seriously misled when buying a cell phone. We assume that this radiation-emitting product has been tested for human health safety before it was put on the market. We assume that cell phones are safe to use. However, this might be a wrong assumption.

    Cell phones were not tested for their human health safety before they were put on market years ago. It is the first time in the history of the human kind when we put the microwave radiation-emitting device directly to our head and expose our organs, including the brain.

    Engineers and dosimetry experts are convincing us that the cell phone-emitted microwave radiation causes only thermal effects and that any potential health danger caused by thermal effects is prevented by the 1998 ICNIRP safety standards.

    The 2011 IARC classification of cell phone radiation invalidates the protective claims of the current safety standards.

    In three separate epidemiological case-control studies, adult participants used regular, off-the-shelf, cell phones. These cell phones were built to fulfil ICNIRP safety standards. However, avid use of such “safe” phones, for a period of over 10 years, led to an increased risk of developing brain cancer.

    This means that the current safety standards do not protect sufficiently users of cell phones. This situation of scientific uncertainty calls for an action “” implementation of the Precautionary Principle.


    See the Schedule of the lectures here

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